Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fangoria Flashbacks: The end? Yeah, pretty much.

Been a while since I last wrote on my favorite horror magazine but given that they're pretty much dead now (the usual suspects: ad revenue issues, a revolving door of editors and staff, the simple fact that print magazines have been slowly dying for years), I thought I'd give one last tribute.

Their last print issue was #344 with the last four issues being released online only I(and even then, sporadically). They had a hell of a run too from their shaky start in 1979 to their meteoric rise in the 80's with a goopy mix of well written, bloody articles on the latest horror films mixed with a genuine affection for the earlier stuff as well. They cruised through the 90's for the most part with more of the solid retrospective articles whilst also keeping up with the mainstream and indie horror scene.

Things began to dip in the 2000's but they hung in there for an impressive amount time, outlasting their sister publication Starlog by nearly ten years and it was only in February of this year that an official announcement was made though they are trying to get the ad revenue to continue. As I said, a hell of a run.

To finish this off, here's a selection of some of my favorite covers from one of the best horror magazines ever published.

Thanks for the ride, guys. It was fantastic.

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