Saturday, May 20, 2017

Dark Star (1974)

For post number 500, I thought I'd look at the first offering from my favorite director of all time: John Carpenter. Dark Star is the first feature from him and it is an extension of a 68 minute short film he did at USC, working with Dan O'Bannon who also acts in the film as well. Both men contributed other elements as well with O'Bannon co-writing, editing, production design and special effects work. Carpenter also produced, did production design work and as would become tradition, scored the film. It's a solid, funky debut as well with some funny bits such as the captain trying to talk a bomb out of exploding using philosophy and a nicely bizarre feel that works quite nicely. We also get some nice early camera work that would become a hallmark for John Carpenter movies.

The best stuff is the O'Bannon character dealing with a beach ball alien they've taken aboard that would later partly inspire Alien in 1979. There are bits and pieces that mark it as a student film (the philosophical stuff reminds me of film school when I would roll my eyes at this kind of thing though here it's entertaining) and pacing is a little slack considering it runs only 83 minutes but for the most part, this is a solid sci-fi comedy.

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