Sunday, February 28, 2016

Esoterica XIV: Comics and Cable

Sorry for the delay, hopefully I'll be able to get a better posting schedule going. With that in mind, here are some amusing comic book covers that either make me raise an eyebrow, laugh or just simply shake my head plus some other items.

 Not sure what I love more: The fact that one of my favorite cheesy 80's horror flicks got a comic adaptation, the fact that the poster art was used (as opposed to stills from the film) or the fact that for some ungodly reason its in 3-D. I really want to see this in the worst way.

 Ah, early 90's WWF. When they decoded to take the whole "It's a big cartoon" thing and just pout it into comic form. I'm actually surprised nobody has ever, to my knowledge, tried to do an actual wrestling match in the woods. Hell, it wouldn't be the strangest thing that screwed up business has thought up!

 This was the comic that really made the X-Men into a viable franchise people actually gave a damn about. But, it isn't the only thing that it gave birth to. In the 70's, Marvel began putting out other "Giant-Size" issues for their characters.

Which gave rise to this... No pun intended.

 I hope the guy who thought this one up knew the pun he was making because if that isn't the case, it would be really sad. We'll get back to 70's/80's Marvel later, though. First, a brief detour into DC Land.

 To the best of my knowledge, this is the only time the animated series character Baby Doll (the shrimp with the axe, a former child actress driven mad by the fact she's a dwarf who can't find serious work) has appeared in comic form. She's not in the actual story though which is a shame as I'd love to see some wacky wise ass try to fit her into the current DC continuity... Just to see the heads of about 97% of the readers explode in confusion and the other 3% chuckling in astonishment that they even tried.

Always liked DC's horror anthology titles. They tended to stick as close as they could to the standards of the time but managed to push the envelope, as you can see by the small child being menaced by the seven foot tall maniac clown with a butcher knife above. Apparently the story involving this fellow is called "Kill, Clown, Kill!" which is about as good a title as I think you could imagine based on just this image.

 Ah, the good old USA Network. In the 80's and 90's, this was essentially TBS minus Ted Turner (right down to the pro wrestling). I should really get more into cable superstations, lots of material there to be had.

TNT, when TBS just isn't redneck enough for you. Actually, I always dug 80's and 90's Turner networks but we can get into that at a later date.

Gotta love old school Star Wars toy adverts. You can tell its the 70's when on the list of vehicles being made, there are customized vans right up there with Darth Vader's Tie Fighter.

Stay tuned for more Marvel goodness, cable stuff and movie reviews.

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