Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Esoterica XV: Ads Galore and a Little More

Before we wrap up Carolco, here's a  bunch of old ads from the 70's, 80's and elsewhere that amuse me plus some other tidbits.

 Forgot to put this in the first part of the Carolco Files series but this is the first film Mario Kassar and Andrew Vajna actually produced together. The Silent Partner is a solid Canadian thriller starring Elliot Gould as a banker who gets into a cat and mouse game with a psychotic bank robber played by Christopher Plummer. Aside from some pacing issues, this is an enjoyable watch with good performances and a few surprisingly nasty bits of violence. Very underrated.

Ah, the CB radio craze of the seventies. Without it, Smokey and the Bandit may have been just a dream of Burt Reynolds and Hal Needham. Not sure how the hell Humphrey Bogart fits but in the 80's Charlie Chaplin's Tramp character was hocking IBM products (that's getting a post all to itself) so what do I know?

This was a donut shop in the 40's and it may make me an immature putz, but that name will never stop being funny. It sounds like a really obscure insult you would yell at a kid in grade school.

Commemorative plates are one of the more bizarre things to come out of the buy by mail industry. Pure late 70's/early to mid 80's cheese.

This is a pretty solid clip reel of popular ghost movies narrated by John Carradine. Some interesting looking films plus some neat stories make this a decent watch. Plus, you can watch it for free on Amazon Prime.

Ah, sometimes irony tastes like a 3x3 from In-N-Out. I love brag ads like this, especially when the bragging party is obscure to the point where you have to Google it.

Life Magazine had a few ads like this. As to the question, I have no idea how accusing a potential reader of being in with the mob is going to get them to read your magazine. It might get them to throw a copy of it at you, though.

To kind of wrap things up, here is something that just makes me smile simply by existing.

In the 70's, Johnny Carson was so damn big he had a line if clothing.

You gotta get your own sidekick though, Ed McMahon not included.

Gotta love the 70's.

The idea of a golfer somehow not wanting to hit the ball as hard as they can amuses me to no end.

One last ad to send us home. RIP, champ.

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