Saturday, January 9, 2016

Get Carter (1971)

We kick off the movie section of this series with this grim and gritty British thriller from 1971. Michael Caine plays Jack Carter, a thoroughly cold and vicious London mobster out for revenge when his brother is killed in Newcastle.  Caine is top notch here, giving a cold, menacing performance totally free of his usual charm which is replaced by his great talent for every now and then looking like Satan from certain angles.  Seriously, we'll be looking at more of the man's work in this series and it will pop up again.

Get Carter is directed quite well by Mike Hodges who eschews the rather scenic London in favor of grim and dreary Newcastle.  There is quite a bit of violence on display and it is shot in a terse, bluint manner like the rest of the film.  As noted, the film is Michael Caine's through and through.  He plays Carter with no remorse or regrets and simply gives you a truly creepy sociopath who you have to root for because everyone else in the film is even worse (a relatively standard 70's trope as we will see).

The plot is fairly straightforward with some twists here and there (the big twist is a nasty one and is the only time Caine allows Carter to show any sort of emotion besides anger or coldness) and while some characrer actors like Ian Hendry and Britt Ekland (she has a phone sex scene with Caine that is just wrong on so many levels) have their moments, Caine dominates here and the film is all the better for it.  Really, the only flaw is that the film may do the slow burn routine just a little too long but that's about it.

Get Carter is a  brutal, nasty little crime flick that is worth seeing, if only once.

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