Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Spectre (2015)

After three years, Bond is back.  This will be a quick, spoiler free review with a more detailed look to come next year when the film hits Blu ray.  The 24th Bond epic is just that, a blisteringly paced (for the most part) 148 minute blast that sees 007 going to to toe with classic series enemy SPECTRE, the ruthless terrorist organization not seen since Sean Connery had the role in Diamonds are Forever.

Bond begins on a personal mission in Mexico (complete with a gorgeous tracking shot that reminds me of a John Carpenter movie) and proceeds to be pulled into a plot by the nefarious organization to more or less control the intelligence operations of the entire world.  Teaming up with the prerequisite beautiful girl (played nicely by Lea Seydoux), he goes up against an enjoyably tenacious henchman played by Dave "Guardians of the Galaxy" Bautista and Christoph Waltz as the head of SPECTRE who also has a personal tie to our hero.

Overall, the film is one hell of a fun ride.  Performances are good with the regulars Craig and the bad guys coming off best.  There's a fantastic car chase with a gadget-laden Aston Martin (sort of which makes the scene even better); a bone crunching showdown between 007 and Bautista, a gaggle of fun jokes from Q and some great stuff from Waltz who once again shows that when you want a villain who enjoys himself, he's your man.

Spectre is not without flaws.  The main title song is lame and the pacing seems odd in places but apart from that, this entry is another winner.  Check it out.

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