Wednesday, April 1, 2015

When Nature Calls (1985)

I'm not the hugest Troma fan out there, truth be told most of their stuff bores me to tears (shock comedy tends to have this effect on me though I do kind of like the first two Toxic Avenger films) but every now and then you will find a good one.  When Nature Calls is a clever spoof of wilderness adventures in the same vein as Airplane! and The Naked Gun.  Really no actors of note except for early parts for David Strathairn and Gates McFadden of Star Trek: TNG.  She's in the second of three fake trailers that run before the movie, the other two being a Scorsese parody and a gangster film called Baby Bullets where the lead is an infant and against all odds, this ends up being pretty damn funny.

The second trailer is a visual gag involving a new gimmicks called Blind-O-Vision and the theater gags continue throughout the movie as well.  The plot is as bare bones as it can get (and in this case that's a major plus) as a typical New York family called the Van Waspishes decides they've had it with the big city and decide to live in the woods.  The usual stuff one would expect occurs with wild animals, the aforementioned David Strathairn as a friendly Indian, tons of gags that come at you a mile a minute and just an overall sense of gleeful silliness.

Charles Kaufman, brother of Troma head Lloyd wrote and directed this one and he has a nice deft touch here, firing the gags at the viewer as fast as possible so that they hit, you either laugh or don't and then there's another gag up for consideration.  It's not quite as smooth as the more notable spoofs I mentioned earlier and pretty crass in parts, but it's still pretty damn hysterical in places.  If you can find it, give it a look.  It's well worth your time.

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