Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Esoterica X

Time for a tenth round of various odd and ends.

We begin with this gem, the book that honestly made a horror fan out of me at an early age, along with the next item below.  This is a rather cheesy guidebook to monsters that really benefits mainly from the good photos within and the "What to do if you meet" entry for reach subject.  Not often you hear advice on avoiding the aliens from War of the Worlds given out simply as "sneeze on them".  To be fair, that would totally work... Provided you don't get zapped by the death ray.

This is another book that set me on my path, focusing mainly on British horror films.  Lots of great photos from most of the major UK studios: Hammer, Amicus, etc.

I get a real kick out of the 1989-1994 She-Hulk comic, especially the issues done by John Byrne.  In this run, the heroine has a tendency to compulsively break the fourth wall and the overall tone is light and energetic,.  Great art, some delightfully odd bits (there's a guest spot for the cast of an obscure comic called US-1 that Marvel tried and failed with) and in general, its just a fun read.  Sadly, the first eight issues of the five year run are the only ones currently available in trade paperback, but one can always hope.

 I absolutely love this bizarre comedy from Alex Winter.  Winter stars as a spoiled former child star who ends up being roped into promoting for a sleazy corporation, only to be turned into a hideous freak by redneck mad scientist Randy Quaid.  An eclectic cast (Keanu Reeves as a dog boy; Mr. T as a bearded lady and Bobcat Goldthwaite as a guy with a sock for a head?), great special effects and a warped sense of humor make this one a fun treat if you're willing to go along with a stupid comedy.

Not sure who the hell came up with a scream queen exercise video, but that person is a warped genius.  It starts off like any normal exercise tape only with the lovely Linnea Quigley taking the place of Jane Fonda (a step up already) and gradually, it just turns into a pseudo-horror film as our hostess encounters zombies and a slasher during a slumber party who turns out to be Ms. Quigley herself.  Essentially just an excuse to ogle a 5'2 scream queen as she does various stretching exercises and such, this is one of the weirder things I've seen.  It's, well, it's one of the few things she's in where she doesn't die... so there's that.

I have no way to top that at the moment so that will be all for now.

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