Friday, November 14, 2014

VHS Memories XXXVIII: Goodtimes Home Video

This one is gonna be a king-sized edition simply due to the amount of stuff this company put out.  Probably the best of the bargain labels, Goodtimes was started in 1984 with some public domain titles and eventually would up putting out tons of animated films, TV movies, stuff from Columbia, Universal and other companies and a bunch of documentaries.  Here is but a mere sampling of their wares with remarks wherever I am inspired.

We kick off with some genre classics...

 Classic monster movies...
Low key gems (great monster in this one, even if it does make the rather nicely ambiguous story more overtly supernatural).

 They also put out legit award winners...

 Middle of the road Hammer films.

 Disaster movies...

 Disaster movies with overly enthusiastic banners touting them as classics...

 Cheesy Chuck...
 Classic Chuck...
 And overrated Chuck.

 I rather like the cheesy artwork on some of their tapes.  For instance...

 Early Spielberg done by early Photoshop.

Lots of Japanese monster movies...

 And here is where it gets weird.  And by weird, I mean wonderfully esoteric.

In the 80's, this man became a sensation.  Might have something to do with the rise in cocaine usage but that's purely speculation on my part.

 Or at the very least claim to in order to avoid hurting Grandma's feelings.

Actually, this was a 1992 adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen story, one of many animated films Goodtimes put out to capitalize on more successful theatrical releases.

The thing I love about the bargain labels is that they'd get the rights to the most bizarre, obscure crap possible at times.  To finish things off, here are a few of the more amusing ones I've come across.

Trailer compilations are always good for a chuckle or two.  I remember one time snagging a compilation of James Bond trailers along with another 007-centric tape I have no recollection of

I wonder if Godzilla phoned his agent after seeing this and gave him hell for letting him take third billing after Gorgo and Rodan.  Nah, probably just stepped on him.

Celebrity bloopers and commercial tapes were generally a sign that you were either at your grandparent's house, or they were at yours and had gotten stumped on what to give you for your birthday.

They also put out whatever TV movies were left over after all the other companies had said "No way in hell are we charging ten bucks for this piece of crap!"

Goodtimes was an awesome label that delivered just that, good times.

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