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VHS Memories XXXIX: Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Other Slashers on VHS

I've covered the George Romero zombie flicks and Nightmare on Elm Street VHS sleeves, now it's time to go down south for some "special" BBQ and some other slasher goodies.  We got three trips through Texas (the fourth movie never happened) so let's get moving!

Let's start with some Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Sorry about the blurriness, it's the largest clean image I could find.
First off is the great early release from Charles Band's Wizard Video (more to come from that label).  Wizard also put out a video game based on the film as well as one based on Halloween.  Both were pretty bad from what I've read.

This one, however, is probably my favorite as seeing it in The Wherehouse (probably, it could have just as easily been one of the small mom and pop stores I grew up near) the first time I ever heard of the film.  That picture of Leatherface is just awesomely intimidating and hell, Media Home Video was awesome anyhow.

Come to think of it, I think the reversed image from the budget tape might be even better.  Darker lighting, Leatherface looking even more demented... Very cool.

This one is equally cool, though it does just use the film poster image.  Like the quote on the back, though.

Finally for the first film, two offerings from K-Tel.  They put out one for Night of the Living Dead as well.

The second one is pretty neat, using an image from the Australian VHS release.  UK and Australian releases were generally pretty cool as well.  Speaking of which...

The UK version of Hospital Massacre, a cheesy Cannon Films slasher from 1982 I cover4ed in my 1982 series.  A picture collage isn't the most creative thing you will ever see, but it does give an idea of what the film is about.

 Back to the saw, here's the Media cover for the second film I always had a soft spot for...

 And the alternate bargain tape from Video Treasures.

Before they flooded the market with DVD special editions of things you never knew you sort of had to own (I bought the DVD of Hell Comes to Frogtown of my own free will), Anchor Bay had some rather nice extra-laden VHS tapes, such as this one which gave the viewer the trailer and some deleted scenes.

The film stinks but the cover art and tagline are fantastic.  I think that may have been one of the battle cries for the VHS era, actually.  Well, if you tended to binge rent like me and weren't that picky.

Maybe it's just my warped sense of humor (as usual, the answer is yes, it is), but I love that the decidedly average (Generous feller, ain't I?) third Texas Chainsaw Massacre outing had not one but two VHS releases stateside.  First was the Columbia one from before New Line had its own label...

 Cool that the New Line release was the uncut, though still kind of crappy version.

To wrap things up, a little from, good old Friday the 13th.  Their English language releases tended to be simple re-dos of the poster artwork, as you can see with the Part 6 one (my favorite tape of the series, incidentally).  Sometimes, though, you would get something a little  out there.

This beauty is the German release of the third film (I think the theatrical release got the same art).  I think there is only one proper way to respond to this thing.  Holy scheiss!

I can't really follow that.  Until next time...


  1. Media home entertainments cover of chainsaw !! the off beat yellow is a huge plus for pushing you back into yesteryear just seeing the logo puts that chime in your head :) !!

  2. That version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre pt 2 on VHS isn't just the rumoured "work print" version which features re-inserted key sequences completely butchered off the pan & scan widespread VHS tape, but also features a beevy of bonus scenes (in absolutely horendous quality) included the infamous Leatherface goes after a college football team.

    I will state that after re-viewing the film with about 30 minutes of re-inserted footage, in widescreen, has made me appreciate the movie more than anyone could have with the 90 minute censored version. Thanks for including this one on this list!


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