Friday, November 14, 2014

Tactical Force (2011)

I generally don't care much for the more current direct to DVD action movies but this one from Canada caught my eye.  Stone Cold Steve Austin is the leader of a wild LAPD SWAT unit whose idea of sound tactics include chucking a frozen steak at a bad guy's head, shooting one with a Daisy Air Rifle and simply opening a giant can of whupass, as we see in the opening action scene where they rescue hostage from a grocery store.

They are given the required ass-chewing from, their boss and sent to brush up on their training out at a warehouse where it just so happens two rival gangs have a dispute over stolen goods.  Naturally, the good guys need to improvise their way to victory since they only have blank ammo and of course, much mayhem ensues.

Performances are more or less what you'd expect with Stone Cold turning in a nicely laid back badass performance; Michael Jai White is pretty fun as another team member and the other two (Steve Bacic and personal fave Lexa Doig) are decent enough as well.  Well, okay, I was mainly focusing on Doig and the other guy gets killed about thirty minutes in.  What can I say?  I'm a sucker for cute Canadian ladies who tend to show up on cheesy Canadian lensed sci-fi shows.  Michael Shanks is also pretty fun as a bad guy.

Tactical Force is an agreeable enough, really stupid, ridiculous action comedy with a decent amount of humor and loads of action.  Steve Austin and Michael Jai White are also a pretty solid action hero unit and Lexa Doig is... Well, she's pretty at least.  Barely does anything in the film, though.

Overall the film is worth checking out, though it does get a little repetitious and there are some needless editing touches (slow motion when none is needed accompanied by a loud whooshing sound) that sort of grate.  The twist at the end is also quite dumb as a supposedly dead snitch the baddies are chasing turns out to be an undercover FBI agent.  Still, it's a solid enough meat and potatoes action film.

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