Sunday, October 19, 2014

Desperado (1995)

Desperado is a genuinely entertaining, though not entirely perfect reworking of/sequel to the Robert Rodriguez low budget action blast El Mariachi.  Antonio Banderas plays the lead role this time out and he's given an epic build-up by Steve Buscemi in an eight and half minute prologue that turns the mariachi into a mythic, Clint Eastwood sort of guy along the lines of the Sergio Leone films from the 60's.  Granted with a guitar case full of guns it's an easier road to get him to that level but still.

Banderas is on the hunt, looking for a man called Bucho (Joaquim de Almeida in a solid villainous turn) who is the last of the drug dealers he has to kill before achieving his full revenge from the previous film.

Banderas teams with a sexy bookstore owner played by Salma Hayek and the ensuing blast of action is just awesome.  The performances are pretty solid with Banderas making for a fine action hero; Salma Hayek doesn't have much to do really but she's just sexy as hell and the cast is littered with fun supporting turns from Buscemi. Danny Trejo as an assassin, Cheech Marin as a bartender and Quentin Tarantino in a fun cameo.

Rodriguez directs and edits with his usual energetic flair, giving the action beats (of which there are a ton) a nice kinetic energy that really makes the film flow smoothly.  The best action scene sees Banderas leveling a bar in a massive gunfight.  The film has an overall smoother feel to it than the original which does detract a little.  Part of the first movie's charm was the rather rough, gritty feel it had and the sleeker feel of the sequel doesn't work quite as well.  Still, it's a damn fine action movie.  Perfect for a lazy afternoon.

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