Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Starting with this post, I will, from time to time, review newer that I enjoyed either the first time I saw them in the theater, or stuff I just never got around to paying to see in a dark room surrounded by strangers wondering if I would ever see the money I spent on concessions ever again.  Part of this is so I can get newer material on the site, incredibly enough there are movies I have opinions on that were released in the last ten years or so. 

It's also because sometimes your first thoughts after seeing a movie in the theater aren't quite as coherent as they could be.  Basically, this saves me from having my fun time on a day off feel like work that I'm not getting paid for.

I will also be restructuring the blog in the coming weeks.

In April of this year, the second Captain America movie made a killing at the box office, becoming the top grossing movie of the year... At least until Guardians of the Galaxy came along and thus far has made even more. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is leaps and bounds better than the first one, a rather impressive feat as the first film was pretty damn good in its own right.

First and foremost, this is one hell of a fun action movie.  From Cap (Chris Evans) and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) taking out a bunch of bad guys on a boat in the opener to Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) being ambushed in his car to the showdowns with The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), the action is top notch and I'm even leaving out some sequences just because there are so many.

The cast is fantastic: Evans is great as Cap; Jackson and Johansson are fun, Robert Redford is terrific as senior SHIELD member Alexander Pierce (the reveal that he's the bad guy works rather nicely, though if you really think about it, it becomes a little obvious) and Stan does quite well as Winter Soldier.  Also, as a fan of 70's and early 80's Marvel, I love having Anthony Mackie present as The Falcon.  He's cool and  makes a nice addition to the world these Marvel movies have created.

The film moves along at a nice clip, giving us a very cool 70's style conspiracy thriller (which makes casting Robert Redford an especially nice touch) with a modern flair.  Great action, a fun cast with some nice laughs and surprises (having Black Widow impersonate a security council member played by Jenny Agutter is terrific) plus some nice big changes to the overall world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier is quite simply one of the best superhero movies I have ever seen.  Period.

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