Monday, September 22, 2014

Shadowzone (1990)

This is an early release from Charles Band's Full Moon Pictures, many years before they got stuck in a "all things small" horror film rut.  Shadowzone is an entertaining, brisk little bit of horror/sci-fi about a secret military research project that goes sour as a portal to another dimension is opened and a alien starts munching the scientists and staff, led by character actors James Hong and Oscar winner Louise Fletcher.  Hong is the highlight for me as not only does he deliver his usual solid performance, he also makes me chuckle by apparently playing his scientist character as a German.  It's a fairly brief role but he certainly stands out.

The f/x work is pretty solid too with some nice goopy kills and a rather neat looking alien that isn't seen until the last few minutes.  As entertaining as it is, the film does get bogged down in its plot which starts off as an interesting flick about experimenting with sleep states and ends up being a riff on Alien with the cast being picked off one at a time while a soundtrack that sounds very close to that of Aliens plays.  Apart from Hong, the cast ranges from bland to annoying to rather bad in the case of Louise Fletcher who plays maybe the least enthusiastic version of the "obsessed scientist" trope I have ever seen.  She has one or two okay moments (a rather funny bit comes at the end when she enters the alien's dimension briefly and slides back out casually before being skewered by the beast) but overall she just looks bored.

It's worth a glance, just nothing to get too worked up over.

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