Wednesday, August 20, 2014

1990: Guilty Pleasures

Let's wash the taste of the bad films out with some guilty pleasures...

Dolph Lundgren stars in this delicious hunk of action movie cheese.  He plays a a Houston cop going up against a huge alien drug dealer while also dealing with an unwanted FBI partner played by Brian Benben.  Tons of action, some great laughs and of course, enough cheese to make a mouse die from happiness.

Not often you get an Oscar winning director in this section but The Godfather Part III is such an interesting misfire that I can't help it.  Al Pacino is good as usual as Michael Corleone and he manages to make the film work in spite of too many subplots (including the rather icky romance between Andy Garcia and Sofia Coppola) and a rather confusing overall plot.  The rest of cast is fine for the most part (even Sofia isn't that terrible) and if you can lower your expectations enough, it's well worth your time.

Of all the buddy cop films released in 1990, this one is probably my favorite simply because when Clint Eastwood delivers a bomb, he does it with class.  Clint plays his bog standard hardass cop character and he is paired up with rookie cop Charlie Sheen.  They go up against a car theft ring led by German criminals played by... and this is what launches the film onto this list, Raul Julia and Sonia Braga.  Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with these two performers, they're about as German as a plate of chicken chow mein.  Watching these two try like hell to put on German accents is just amazingly funny, though the overall plot is predictable in the extreme.  Still, this one is worth seeing for the villains and the action which Clint directs with his usual skill.

And finally, this utterly silly, entertaining piece of schlock from the mind of Stephen King.  Based on his short story from the Night Shift collection, this tells the grisly tale of a drifter who finds work at a run down mill in Maine where there is a serious rat infestation.  On top of that, his boss is an sadistic sleaze with an odd accent (I can't help but chuckle every time the guy talks and instead of a Maine accent, some weird sort of South African voice comes out) and workers are being eaten by a giant bat/rat creature that is the highlight of the film.  Well, that and the looney Brad Dourif performance as an exterminator with a serious grudge against rodents.  Graveyard Shift is by no matter of means a good movie, but it is quite a blast if you like bad Stephen King adaptations.

Coming soon: The Best of 1990

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