Thursday, August 21, 2014

1985: Leftovers

No worst of 1985 post as most of the bad stuff goes to the guilty pleasure section.  Also, this post will be a little shorter as I decided to save a few films from this year for regular reviews.  In light of that, let's get moving onto the middle of the road...

Entertaining, fairly minor action film from Cannon about a trucker and his grandson trying to transport some plutonium to Arizona.  It takes about twenty minutes or so to get warmed but once it does, it's a fun action film with some amazing stunt work.  Good work from Forrest Tucker in his last role as the hero and Alan Rachins as the bad guy.

Mediocre, somewhat overrated Chuck Norris film that is essentially a formula cop film that tries to be a little more serious and misses the mark a little too often.  Norris is fine when he's in action and the finale is nice but the film just doesn't quite do it for me.

The sequel to Romancing the Stone isn't nearly as good, but still fun as Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner end up on an adventure in Africa with Danny DeVito tagging along as well.  Some fun action and a few funny bits make this one worth the effort.

Apart from the nice action scene in the middle and at the end plus a good performance from Angelo Rossitto, there isn't a hell of a lot to recommend in this third Mad Max movie.  Max finds himself in a town run by Tina Turner (in an okay performance, though the song she sings over the end credits is better than anything else she does) and after being exiled into the desert, he teams up with a bunch of kids to get some payback.  The stuff in the town is fine but after the exile, the film just dies on the vine until the last stunt sequence.  It's a real disappointment as the first two films are some of the best action films of all times.

Some scattered fun bits and Geena Davis' costume are the only things keeping this film from the worst of the year list.  A drab, not really that inspired or funny take on the Universal monster movies, this has a talented cast (and Michael Richards) wasted in a limp, routine comedy.  Pity.

 Coming soon: The Guilty Pleasures of 1985

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