Friday, July 11, 2014

VHS Memories XXXVII: Nightmare on Elm Street 1-7 on Video

Back to the well again to look at some of the best of the Nightmare on Elm Street films on home video.  Well, VHS at least.

First up, the classic VHS from Media.  The cover, both front and back, make seeing the movie a b3ecessity all by themselves.

I quite like this two tape set put out by Anchor Bay.  The film looked great as usual and you also got a nice little bonus...
The second tape is a pretty nice collection of deleted footage and outtakes, how much ended up on subsequent DVD releases I have no clue.  This came out during the brief period when Anchor Bay was putting out some rather nice special edition VHS releases such as this one and Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2.  This would carry over into their DVD run as well.

Had the budget priced one for this as well as parts 4 and 5 but I especially love this cover as the artwork for the tape is the first exposure I ever had to Freddy Krueger.  Had no idea what the first film was about, all I knew was this ugly dude was out for revenge.  I was about eight at the time... Kind of explains a lot, really.

The best sequel gets one of the most enjoyable extras in the uber-cheesy Dokken music video they did for their song that features in the film.

Neat promo tape, not sure if this was a screener copy of the film or a trailer compilation of upcoming films that the third movie just happened to be on but it's still pretty cool.  I remember renting something similar with Paramount films on it.  What can I say?  The Wherehouse had rentals for $2.50 and there wasn't anything else I wanted that weekend.

As much as I like this film, (and I do) I'm fairly certain that even in its raw form in the earliest stages of post-production it has never been close to the 99 minute running time listed on the box.  88?  Yeah, that's about what it ends up being.  Just something that makes me chuckle.

It just kills me that in the years since DVD has risen and dropped off to a degree, the only way you can get an uncut version of the fifth movie is on an old VHS.  Hell, it's not like the new footage makes the ensuing film any better but still!

A true guilty pleasure film for me that I will get into later, I think I bought this and Jason Goes to Hell the same day.

The screener copy I got a hold of when I was a teen had a pretty cool tenth anniversary reel for New Line that I really wish I could find somewhere.

That's it for now, just came back from a trip to Omaha so this was a little brief.  Until next time...

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