Sunday, July 13, 2014

1981: The Worst

Only three quick ones here as there are a ton of guilty pleasures to get through.

This might be the dullest slasher movie I've ever witnessed.  Tobe Hooper has a good concept here with a bunch of kids trapped at a carnival fun house after hours where they are stalked by a mutant freak, but it's just so drawn out an plodding that after a while you stop giving a crap.  It's a damn shame, really, as the cast is game and the creature design is pretty gnarly.

Part of me wants to put this in the guilty pleasure category but to be honest, this is just sheer unfiltered ego on the part of Burt Reynolds and the end result is a plotless, unfunny bore.  Tons of stars and really, the only bright spot is Roger Moore having some fun at his own expense.

If I had seen this when I was ten or so, it probably would have been one of my all time favorites.  As it stands, I didn't and despite being nicely animated and sporting a neat zombie sequence, this adaptation of the adult comic book is only fitfully entertaining with a plodding pace, so much nudity that it becomes dull and an utter lack of coherency in its stories.  A good voice cast with guys like John Candy is wasted.  Damn shame as they're good as is the soundtrack.

Coming Soon: The Guilty Pleasures of 1981

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