Tuesday, June 24, 2014

1986: Leftovers

And here's the rest of the pack.  Doing this before the big three because... Well, because I can!  Now then...

Visually impressive but rather disappointing fantasy film with a hilariously miscast Tom Cruise fighting a perfectly cast Tim Curry as hero and scary demon respectively.  Rob Bottin also provides some typically awesome makeup f/x and while Ridley Scott directs things well and fills the screen with wonder, Legend just doesn't quite work.

This one isn't all that great.  Michael Keaton is... well, he's fine as usual but the script is rather predictable (wow, a film about U.S./Japanese relations that goes to WW2, how original!) and not much in the way of real good laughs.

Richard Dreyfuss has a nice comeback with this one after battling drug addiction issues.  He and Bette Midler play a rich couple that takes in a homeless bum played by Nick Nolte who ends up having an effect on their daily lives.  A remake of a French film (this trend was almost as rampant during the 80's as feathered hair on both men and women), this has the advantage of having two very funny actors (Dreyfuss and Midler), decent work from Nolte and a cute dog.  The script is pure sitcom territory (it actually got a 13 episode show on FOX in 1987) but the cast does it so well that it doesn't matter much.

Yet another film from the "I saw this more times than is probably healthy as a child" file as Steve Guttenberg proves that he certainly can do more than the Police Academy movies.  Granted that ended up just being a Ron Howard movie about aliens and this film but still! Seriously though, Short Circuit is an enjoyable enough flick with some nice robot f/x work and solid direction from John Badham.  It's nothing too special but agreeable enough.

Pretty solid thriller with Richard Gere as a cop hell bent on nailing psycho Jeroen Krabbe while also protecting Kim Basinger.  The plot is rather standard but the trio of lead performances makes it all click rather nicely.

Stylish adaptation of the Thomas Harris novel Red Dragon ably directed by Michael Mann and starring William Petersen as the hero trying to catch The Tooth Fairy (Tom Noonan) with Hannibal Lecter (Brian Cox) also putting in a bit of an assist... Sort of.  The film is flashy as one would expect from the creator of Miami Vice but it ends up coming off as a bit too flashy for its own good as the style tends to drown out the good performances from the aforementioned actors.  Not bad though, I'd say it's about on par with the 2002 adaptation.

Coming Soon: The Worst of 1986

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