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1986: Honorable Mentions

Lots of good movies this year.  In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's one of the most varied years of the decade with tons of good stuff to be found throughout the year.  Let's start off with the honorable mentions, as usual.  Lots of them here so we won't get too in depth.  Might go for longer individual reviews on some of these in the future, though.

This one doesn't make the cut for the guilty pleasures list for two reasons.  First off, not a real huge fan of it and there is another film with Tom Cruise this year that is even better for making fun of the guy.  Second, and this is sort of connected to why the film doesn't really hold my interest, the degree to which the homoerotic subtext aspect has been focused on is just annoying.  Hell, for the most part it's just riffing on something Quentin Tarantino already ranted on in one of his bit parts he tended to get after he became famous.  That being said, the film is a pretty hilarious time capsule movie to look back at.  It just doesn't interest me.

Rob Reiner directs this really solid adaptation of the Stephen King novella "The Body" which is a pretty enjoyable coming of age story with a good cast.  Not my favorite King adaptation of the year, but it certainly got the rave reviews.

Entertaining alien invasion flick with some neat creatures from the Chiodo Brothers and a healthy sense of humor. 
The best in the series (not exactly a Herculean task), this is an enjoyably ambitious action flick with solid work from Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery and Clancy Brown as the bad guy.  Some excellent sword fights make this one quite good.

I get quite a kick out of this enjoyable slasher film about a rich girl who invites a bunch of friends over for a party where they are slowly picked off one by one... Or are they?  April Fool's Day has a fun cast, some nice gore and a fun twist at the end that somehow manages to not come off as a huge cop-out.

Solid third entry in the Psycho franchise that has good direction and acting from Anthony Perkins.  It's not the best thing you will ever see but Perkins is always fun to see.

Danny DeVito is funny as hell in this mob comedy directed by Brian DePalma of all people.  DeVito, along with Joe Piscopo play small time mobsters who end up being marked for death by their boss after they screw up.  As I said, DeVito is great here as the late 80's were just an awesome time for the guy.  He single handedly makes the film worth watching.

Pretty solid thriller with a nice role for Bryan Brown as an f/x whiz who gets pulled into a murder conspiracy.  While the story is nothing overly special, the f/x are still pretty good and I always enjoy seeing Brian Dennehy and Jerry Orbach.

House is an enjoyable middle of the road haunted house movie livened up by some good f/x and a fun role for George Wendt.  Richard Moll is the highlight though as the zombie villain from hero William Katt's past.

It says quite a bit about how good a year 1986 was that this fine horror film didn't make the top ten.  Tom Atkins stars as a cop investigating a series of attacks in his small town which turn out to be caused by some possessed alien that can turn folks into zombies.  Tons of fun with some great f/x and a fun script.  Night of the Creeps is just a fun ride.

Not the best Scorsese film but any time you can get Paul Newman on screen for an extended period of time it's good.  Not sure who the hell thought a sequel to Newman;s film The Hustler was needed (the guy who wrote the book the first film was based on did write a sequel but it wasn't really used for this film), but picking up with the same guy nearly twenty five years later is an interesting idea that probably would have made for a better movie if they hadn't felt the need to throw Tom Cruise in as well.  He's not bad but you sort of wish his character was off in another movie.

I absolutely love this enjoyable horror comedy about a bunch of students who go to a bar to hire a stripper only to find it's full of vampires.  Grace Jones makes quite the impression as the lead vampire and the film has a healthy sense of humor that carries things quite nicely.  A very good, underrated gem.

The sixth Friday the 13th film comes damn close to being an actually sort of good movie.  Full of atmosphere and sporting some good laughs (starting things off with a Hammer Horror opening and James Bond reference doesn't hurt either), and some great Alice Cooper songs.  It ends up being one of my favorites just by sheer virtue of trying to change things up a little by making Jason an unstoppable zombie... Which is somewhat more believable, oddly enough.

I have an unreasonable love for this formula buddy cop film.  Maybe it;s just the amusing idea of Billy Crystal as a tough cop but there's something about this one that always makes me smile.  Crystal and Gregory Hines are two tough Chicago cops on the trail of drug dealer Jimmy Smits... That's about it in terms of story as the bulk of the film is given over to Crystal being hilarious.  Easily the most intentionally funny thing Peter Hyams has ever made.

Not quite as big on this as some others are but this is still one of John Hughes' better films.  Matthew Broderick rules the roost in this one, dominating the entire movie and the rest of the cast is fun too.

Paul Hogan turns in an utterly charming performance in this massively successful fish-out-of-water comedy.  The script is enjoyable, there are lots of funny bits and it's just a downright agreeable viewing experience.

Coming Soon: The Leftovers of 1986

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