Saturday, June 21, 2014

1979: The Worst/Guilty Pleasure

A ton of crap, plus one.

The Worst

Some decent enough stop-motion dinosaurs are the only thing worth seeing in this really bad "lost world" science fiction film that desperately wants to be something solid but thanks to some horrid acting and a nothing script... Isn't.

Robert Shaw's last movie is sadly this formulaic thriller starring Shaw as a Russian defector and Lee Marvin as the man who has to get him to safety.  Bland action, Shaw's voice was dubbed completely since he was ill and wasn't sounding right and even at a scant 88 minutes, it feels at least twenty minutes too long.

This release from Corman's New world is one of the most inexcusably boring monster movies I have ever forced myself to watch.  A dull retread of the Jaws formula, this has a lousy script, lousy acting and a barely seen monster that looks like crap.  A true waste of time.

A good cast is wasted in this routine martial arts thriller starring Chuck Norris as a martial arts master trying to help the cops find a killer with similar training who may or may not be his upcoming opponent in a tournament.  Performances are bland, the pacing is too damn slow and while the action is good when it's happening, there simply isn't enough to warrant a recommendation.

Even though I find it rather fascinating to watch, there is no denying that 1941 is pretty damn bad.  Most of the cast is wasted, the comedy falls flat, the spectacle is more loud and obnoxious than anything else and the film is way longer than  it needs to be.  If it were just a little more focused, it wouldn't be here.

Guilty Pleasure
Now this, as I have said is just awesomely entertaining.  A gloriously cheesy cash-in on Star Wars, this has some rather good f/x, the lovely Caroline Munro in a big role and an overall sense of fun that it quite infectious.  It's probably the best Star Wars cash-in you are likely to see, though that might say more about how bad the others are.

Coming Soon: The best of 1979

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