Sunday, May 4, 2014

1982: Honorable Mentions

1982 was a pretty awesome year for movies.  Tons of classics and offbeat titles across all genres.  Let's take a look at the ones that almost made the top ten.

I was never a huge fan of this one, think I saw it a little too late in my childhood to really latch onto it, though it is a very good movie.  Well directed and acted with one of the most iconic special effects creations of all time, E.T. is a genuinely good movie that certainly deserved to make all the money it did.

Eddie Murphy's debut film, is still one of the best buddy cop films of all time.  Murphy is great as fast talking con Reggie Hammond and Nick Nolte is enjoyable as tough cop Jack Cates.  The chemistry between the two actors really makes the movie, along with one or two nice action scenes.  One of Walter Hill's best.

1982 was quite the year for visual feasts and this Disney film starring Jeff Bridges is just that... And not much else, really, but the f/x are still quite good.  A decent enough story about a computer programmer sucked into his own program where he has to fight to escape, this has a solid Jeff Bridges performance and, as I noted, some very impressive early computer f/x.

This is a prime example of Oscar bait done right.  Richard Attenborough's epic biopic about Gandhi is anchored by a mesmerizing Ben Kingsley performance in the lead role.

This one is an old favorite of mine.  Coming out a few months after Conan the Barbarian, Beastmaster is a fun (though overly long) bit of silliness that sports good direction from Don Coscarelli, some nice action here and there and a solid performance from Rip Torn as the bad guy.  My favorite scene of his is when Dar, the Beastmaster (Marc Singer) thwarts his attempt to sacrifice a little girl by having his pet hawk carry her off.  After a fun shot where he simply frowns at the hero while clearly thinking "Okay, didn't see that one coming", Torn instantly turns this setback to his advantage by telling the stunned crowd of onlookers that this is proof the sacrifices are called for.  It's quite funny.

Gotta love this endearingly campy, cheesy comic book movie fro Wes Craven.  Great atmosphere, a fun cast and some decent f/x make this one an absolute blast to go back to.  Oh, and you get Adrienne Barbeau at her hottest.  Even better!

The second best remake of the year is a steamy, interesting horror movie that takes the basic story of the classic original and gives it an 80's sheen.  Nastassia Kinski and Malcolm McDowell are good in their roles and the Tom Burman f/x are top notch as well.  I'm not the biggest Paul Schrader fan (he's a little too gloomy for the most part) but this is one damn good remake.

Really, really good fantasy film from Jim Henson and Frank Oz that is highlighted by some very impressive animatronics.  The story is sort of basic and the pace is a little draggy in parts but this is still one of the better fantasy films of the decade.  From a visual standpoint, it is simply incredible.

The third Halloween movie is truly an underrated gem.  Moving away from the Michael Myers character, it was initially intended to kick off a new direction for the series: separate movies all revolving around the holiday. Sadly that didn't happen but on the other hand, we still have this endlessly enjoyable horror movie.  Featuring a memorably diabolical bad guy who plots to kill a bunch of kids with special Halloween masks and a spirited Tom Atkins performance, Halloween III is fast, gory and dumb in the best way possible.

Coming soon: The Guilty Pleasures of 1982

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