Saturday, April 19, 2014

1993: The Rest

And now, a plethora of adequacy.

Stuart Gordon directs Christopher Lambert in this okay sci-fi action film about a man in a dystopian future imprisoned and his fight to get free.  Pretty standard prison film with a sci-fi setting that is helped somewhat by Gordon's direction and some nice gory bits.

Tom Berenger is good in a fairly standard, meat and potatoes action movie about a sniper and his new spotter going after targets.  Billy Zane is decent as the partner and the action is decent enough.  It's not an essential film, but it's a pleasant enough diversion.

Pretty damn solid adaptation of the John Grisham novel that sports a great cast and solid direction from Sydney Pollack.  Tom Cruise and Gene Hackman are solid but the real fun for me comes from watching kindly old Wilford Brimley play a bad guy.  The rest of the cast, as I said is great with pretty much everybody getting at least one small moment or two to shine.  Gary Busey is fun as a private investigator, Hal Holbrook is fine as the head of the law firm and Holly Hunter is good as a secretary.  Overall, The Firm is an enjoyable bit of fluff.

John Badham directs Bridget Fonda in this remake of the 1990 French thriller Nikita.  It shares pretty much the same plot and characters.  Hell, even the directors, Luc Besson and John Badham have similar "style over substance" approaches to filmmaking.  Bridget Fonda and Gabriel Byrne are solid here and the action, when it comes, is done in Badham's usual professional, somewhat bloody style. Anne Bancroft and Harvey Keitel are also good in their smaller roles.  The film has pacing issues the original doesn't however.  Badham is generally a solid, efficient director in the Peter Hyams mold but unlike Hyams, his films sometimes get a little too pacy for their own good.  Still, it's worth seeing once, just skip over the romance subplot.  It doesn't really work.

The other action movie spoof of 1993, this one covers the Lethal Weapon films, subbing in Emilio Estevez and Samuel L. Jackson for Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.  The comedic style is more or less what you would expect but the actors play it just right, making the affair an enjoyable one.  I especially enjoy Tim Curry and William Shatner as the bad guys.  Talk about a big serving of ham!

Coming soon: The Worst of 1993

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