Thursday, April 24, 2014

1993: Guilty Pleasures

The best of the worst, really.  Sometimes you just have to laugh at the crap.

Bruce Willis stars in this soggy (literally), utterly predictable but at times utterly hilarious thriller about a cop going after a serial killer.  A solid cast is wasted, just about every cliche in the book is utilized but in spite of that it's still one of the more enjoyable bad movies I've come across in a while.

Equally enjoyable is the goofy sequel to the 1991 flick Warlock.  Julian Sands steals the show once again as the title character, this time looking for some sacred druid stones he needs to destroy the world or something.  Genre pro Anthony Hickox directs with his usual competency, the gore is plentiful and things move at a brisk enough pace to where you enjoy the inherent silliness of it all.  I got a weird thing for cheesy 90's horror franchises like this one and the Leprechaun films.

Now for the big two.

I think the reason I enjoy the ninth Friday the 13th movie is the fact that they tried to do something a little different.  Eight films of more or less straightforward slasher action (parts 6-8 play around a little more) and then just an out and out bizarre turn into body hopping, sacred daggers and old family secrets?  Not often a slasher franchise goes off the rails like that for fun!  Jeez, about the only thing I can really gripe about is the limited time Kane Hodder is on screen.  Still, this one is a fun, gory ride that oddly enough is worth seeing in both the rated and unrated versions.  Go for the unrated one first, though.  Trust me, it's worth it.

If not for the totally bizarre Jeff Bridges performance, this chintzy remake of the 1988 original (by the original director, no less) wouldn 't even be worth noting.  Not even for the worst of the year list.  Thanks to Jeff Bridges bizarre accent which could be French or a recovering stroke victim and his cheesy Eurotrash haircut, he singlehandedly keeps the movie interesting.

Funnily enough, he comes off like Donald Sutherland at times which brings us to our other lead.  Kiefer Sutherland does his usual pre-Jack Bauer routine which is basically the same as his Jack Bauer routine, minus the torture scenes.  He mostly act quietly intense, obsessing over his lost love, and wails "No!" here which was more or less Siskel and Ebert's reaction as well).

The only other cast member worth noting, besides Nancy Travis whose character is really only there to make the cheapo horror film ending the film opts for fit into the cliche better, is Sandra Bullock as Sutherland's girlfriend who Bridges abducts and kills off screen.  And even then it's only retroactively notable since 1993 was sort of a breakout year for the actress... Plus she's cute.

The film is a rather cynical bit of filmmaking, given the way the director craps on his original piece of work, even throwing in a cheap laugh at the end, but it's still worth seeing if only for Bridges who is off in a far more interesting, entertaining movie.

Coming Soon: The Best of 1993

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