Thursday, April 3, 2014

1988: The Worst

Not much I could really call awful but a handful of movies (all sequels, oddly enough) do stand out from the rest.
We're starting with my pick for worst of the year, simply because... Well, because it's my damn article mainly.  Motives aside, this turgid comedy manages to take everything about the first movie that worked and whiz it right down its own leg.  What ensues is a truly lame snobs versus slobs comedy with Jackie Mason (who is no Rodney Dangerfield, even on his best day) in the lead and a supporting role for Chevy Chase who makes little to no impression at all.  Dan Aykroyd has a brief role as a shell-shocked mercenary who main snob Robert Stack hires but he ends up doing Bill Murray's routine with the gopher.  The only mildly funny bit has Randy Quaid as Mason's lawyer and even then it's one funny two minute scene in a 98 minute long movie.  Just awful.

To be fair, this one isn't all that bad but it's still fairly needless as far as sequels go.  One had to wonder what would have happened if the third movie had done well as the series was supposed to become a sort of anthology series using the backdrop of Halloween as a premise.  Instead, killer Michael Myers somehow turns up alive after being shot in the face by Jamie Lee Curtis twice and blown up and incredibly enough, so does Doctor Loomis (Donald Pleasence with some burn makeup).  It's more of the usual slasher fare that was old hat by the time this one rolled around with Michael chasing after his young niece, played by Danielle Harris who would later do the two Rob Zombie Halloween films from a few years ago.  This gets on the list more for what could have been than anything else.  Still, it's better than the fifth one.

The sequel to the classic horror/comedy manages to miss on more or less every level save for the f/x which are pretty damn good.  More or less a rehash of the first (complete with Thom Mathews and James Karen playing variations on their roles from the first), it loses the great sense of humor the first film had in favor of a more juvenile, less funny sense of humor.  A horror comedy can work as long as the film is funny, which this one is only sporadically.  It's also missing the frenetic pace of the first one, though it does pick up speed in the second half.

The comedy franchise that just won't die now goes to Miami Beach for more slapstick, pranks and silliness.  By this point, the Police Academy series was well into banal sitcom territory as even Steve Guttenberg had decided enough was enough.  Okay, he was busy filming Three Men and a Baby but chances are he was tired of the series.  I actually sort of like the first two movies but even a fun performance from Rene Auberjonois as the bad guy can't save this one.

I think that's enough crap for one night, stay tuned for the guilty pleasures!

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