Thursday, April 3, 2014

1988: The Rest

In several of these year retrospective articles, I will be covering an exorbitant amount of movies.  Not all of them warrant inclusion in the honorable mentions, worst of the year or guilty pleasure posts but I still want to talk a little (some a little more little than others), about some of them.  Think of this as the batch of films that I feel are sort of in the middle.

This is a clever, though somewhat disappointing riff on the Sherlock Holmes stories, positing that Dr. Watson was the real brains of the operation and Holmes was a none-too-bright actor paid to play the part.  Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley make this one worth watching as they have good chemistry.

Perfectly decent buddy cop sci-fi flick with James Caan as a tough cop and Mandy Patinkin as his alien partner.  Apart from the alien angle which is pretty interesting, it's a rather bog standard buddy film with the usual bickering, bonding and action.  Good performances from the leads, though.

I feel this Stan Winston directed/Lance Henriksen starring horror movie is a little overrated but it still sports a neat monster and a typically good Henriksen performance.

An agreeable yet somewhat underachieving comedy that has Richard Dreyfuss as an actor called upon to portray a South American dictator after the man dies.  Dreyfuss is a little too earnest but Raul Julia steals the show as the bombastically insane second in command.  The film could have used a little more bite in its humor as jut gets a little to whimsical for its own good at times.

Fun western with a solid cast and some pretty good action scenes.  I think the sequel is a little better, though.

This one is a bit of a childhood favorite of mine as I think I must have seen it at least four or five times when I was a kid.  Pretty okay fantasy flick with a nice role for Val Kilmer and solid work from Warwick Davis as the title character.  Typically good f/x too.

The final Dirty Harry movie is fairly run of the mill with Clint doing his usual routine.  The bad guy is more or less a cipher we barely see and the film is predictable as hell but there is a rather funny spoof of the car chase from Bullitt, this time with a remote controlled car and the full sized vehicle Clint is driving.  It's silly as hell but still entertaining, much like the rest of the film.

Coming soon: The Worst of 1988

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