Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Worst of 1992

Best of the rest is done, now for a burst of the worst...

 Medicine Man is a genuinely awful movie in the most frustrating way.  On the plus side, Sean Connery stars as a scientist who has found the cure for cancer.  On the downside, he's a moronic blowhard who can't figure out why he can't replicate the formula, even though it's glaringly obvious to the audience.  Generally it's a bad sign when your movie inspires the audience to begin yelling the solution at the screen in increasingly frustrated tones.  Not helping matters is the generally good Lorraine Bracco sporting the most annoying Bronx accent you will ever hear and adding to that is her rather unlikable character.  The film is just a mess, poorly written and acted and the worst thing is that I saw this pile of feces in the theater.  I still would like the money back, incidentally.

 Arguably the worst thing John Carpenter ever directed (it depends on how you feel about Ghosts of Mars), this is a visually impressive yet utterly miscast and dull invisible man thriller starring Chevy Chase.  Chase wanted a more dramatic role which he gets, unfortunately his dramatic skills are about as good as his social skills with co-workers.  Not exactly inspiring.

Now this is, as far as I am concerned at least, the worst movie of the year.  A horrifically unfunny romantic comedy/sort of thriller starring Jack Nicholson and Ellen Barkin, it is a charmless, witless little tale about a woman who ends up sort of falling for the guy who sells her a guard dog even though he might be the guy who has been menacing her.  The script is a shambles, the actors are so low key you have to wonder if they even gave a damn, the characters are repulsive and after seeing the film which I recapped for The Agony Booth five years ago, I can't imagine too many other viewing experiences that could possibly be worse.  The one good thing is that it eventually ends.

That's it for the worst, stay tuned for the best...

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