Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Favorite Era: Eddie Murphy: Raw (1987)

By 1987, Eddie Murphy was the king of comedy.  With all the success he was having, he decided to go back to his standup roots with Raw, his first standup concert since 1983's classic DeliriousRaw is just that, 90 minutes of just blistering profanity as Murphy tackles fame, women and childhood.

Murphy starts off strongly with impressions of Bill Cosby calling to chastise him for his act which he follows up with an impression of call he made to Richard Pryor afterwards.  He continues the Pryor stuff while talking about his comedic influences and it has to be said, the first twenty minutes or so are pure gold.

The middle section is given over to women and relationships and it is here where the act falters a little.  The material is fine and the delivery is good but the overall effect is not quite as funny as it should be.  The rest of the show is better though as Murphy goes into some stuff on Italian-Americans who go to see Rocky and go nuts, finishing up with some funny stuff on his childhood.

From the huge burger his mom makes him to a nice callback to the previous show where he impersonates his drunken father, the last third of the show is damn funny.  The film a whole isn't as good as Delirious (though it's sort of like comparing Casino to Goodfellas to be fair) but it's got plenty of laughs and is a fine example of Murphy at the peak of his comedic powers.

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