Saturday, February 22, 2014

Esoterica V: The Randomness Strikes Back

Exactly what it says on the tin...

Let's start off with some old movie magazines from the 80's and 90's.

Ah, Cinefantastique.  The real selling point for this publication was the extra super sized behind the scenes articles which tended to always deliver.

 A little more fluffy (and by that I mean a lot), Cinescape was pretty good for previews of upcoming stuff and the occasional fun article.

The only one of the four I'm talking about today that is still in publication, this is a fantastic special effects journal that has been going strong since 1980.  I don;y think any publication current or otherwise is as detailed and in depth as this one.

 From 1978 to 1985, this scrappy little mag vied for Starlog and Cinefantastique's business with solid articles on current blockbusters.  More or less Starlog in name only, it was still a pretty nice publication.

 I've said it elsewhere, but I've always has a soft spot for 80's paperback art.

This is a pretty solid collection of four novellas Stephen King wrote using his Richard Bachman pseudonym.  The best is the last one, The Running Man which is as different from the movie as it can possibly be.  I do rather enjoy The Long Walk though.

 Not much more can be said about this one so I'll just let you stare at the fantastic cover for a few seconds.  Creepy...

One of the great 70's action films, this stars Richard Roundtree as the baddest badass private detective of them all.  Great action, good acting and a nice sense of humor make this a real knockout.

 Not quite as good is the first sequel which has a nice action climax as Shaft is pursued by a bunch of gunmen in helicopters but the rest of the film feels more like a contractual obligation than anything else.  Nice to see Julius Harris pop up though, which he did in several films in 1973.

 This one was one of those things I had to own the minute I heard it existed.  Star Trek has generally done humor about as well as a penguin flies but this book is one of the rare occasions where the comedy works perfectly.  Kirk and his crew, along with other interested parties end up on a planet with resources they need only to end up in a bizarre musical comedy show the planet has arranged to dissuade them.  It works better than it has any right too.

That should do for now.  Until post 300...

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