Friday, February 14, 2014

Esoterica IV

Some random stuff to muse on.

I love this VHS cover design Paramount used for their 75th anniversary.  They put out a bunch of catalog titles with this design such as Beverly Hills Cop, the first three Star Trek films and Billy Crystal's first HBO special.

On a related note, the third Trek outing is my second favorite of the entire series.  A solid blend of humor, drama and action.  God, what a good movie!

The popularity of Star Wars coincided with a boom in the comic book industry.  Marvel had the rights to the franchise and after the first six issues which encapsulated the plot of the first film, they proceeded to continue the series until 1986.
I like this cover, it practically begs to be turned into one of those "How many mistakes can you find" brain teasers that popped up in Sunday comics.

 Good adaptation, I like how they more or less gave Yoda an unkempt skullet.

 Another solid adaptation.

This is a pretty fun Australian martial arts flick from director Brian Trenchard-Smith.  The plot is fairly standard: martial arts guy goes on a mission of revenge but the action scenes are very well done.

Book/record and book/tape combos are a thing you don't see anymore.  Essentially scaled down, kid-friendly versions of popular movies, I had a bunch of these.  Here are a few, more will follow in future posts.

The one for Return of the Jedi amuses me simply because they either slowed down the audio on Frank Oz's Yoda line readings, or had some dude re-do it who hadn't gotten  enough sleep the previous night.

I think the next two were adapted from the Marvel Star Wars comics.

This is a really, really good vampire flick from 1970.  Set in the then-present day, it has a wonderfully droll performance from Robert Quarry as the evil Count Yorga, some lashings of gore and nudity and a nice shock ending.  Definitely worth checking out.

It just blows my mind that not only is there a novelization for a movie that has a plot that can maybe take four paragraphs to get through, but it's also supposed to be pretty decent.

That's all for tonight.

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