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Top 10 Lists: 2005/2008

We finish the first round of lists off with 2005 and 2008, two of my favorites.  Let's begin with 2008.

10. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I admit this isn't anywhere as good as the first three but it's still not as horrid as some make it out to be.  Fun action, decent cast, really all I ask for from this franchise is to be entertained and it does that just fine.

9. Tropic Thunder

I generally don't care much for Ben Stiller but this satire of movie making is quite funny with a great cast and some hysterical lines.

8. Rambo

In general, you can;t go wrong with an overly serious Stallone.  Here, he says farewell to his other iconic role as Rambo goes to work one more time.  Brutal action, way too serious for its own good, classic Stallone.

7. Punisher: War Zone

Equally over the top but way more fun is this take on the Marvel Comics vigilante.  I love this one, so bad and yet so great.

6. Quantum of Solace

Daniel Craig's second outing as James Bond isn't quite as good as his first or third but it;s still a fine action movie that works quite well.

5. Burn After Reading

The Coen Brothers strike gold again with this wonderfully dark comedy.  Great cast, some nice shocks and a very dry sense of humor make this one a real winner.

4. Frost/Nixon

The best thing Ron Howard has done in years.  I really dug this one, especially Frank Langella's take on Nixon.

3. The Ruins

Not too many saw this horror film and it's a damn shame because it's one of the better monster movies to come out in a long time.  Tense, slickly made and nicely brutal in places, it's got a great menace and an overall fun tone.

2. The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger is the best reason to see this one.  Hell, his take on The Joker alone makes it one of the best of the year.  The fact that he can make you forget the rather stupid Batman voice and the slipshod way the Two-Face  plot is handled is an achievement in itself.

1. Iron Man

The best superhero film of the year is this one, though.  Fast, funny and entertaining as all hell with great work from Robert Downey Jr. and Jeff Bridges.  I had a real blast with this one.

And to finish, 2005.

10. Double Dare

Really fun, interesting documentary about the stunt industry as told through the eyes of two stuntwomen: Jeannie Epper and Zoe Bell.  I love a god documentary and this is just plain great.

9. The Devil's Rejects

Didn't care for Rob Zombie's first film, House of 1,000 Corpses but the sequel is quite good with a nice pair of performances from Sig Haig and Bill Moseley.

8. King Kong

Peter Jackson's follow-up is a loving tribute to the original (maybe too much) with a decent cast and great f/x.  It's not his best, but it would seem that he is one of those guys who can deliver no matter what.

7. Batman Begins

Batman gets a reboot in this decent flick that suffers only from being a little too long and serious for its own good.  That being said, when it gets going it really soars.  Great cast too.

6. A History of Violence

David Cronenberg's best film not to have exploding heads or Jeff Goldblum slowly turning into a giant fly.  The man has always been a good director but here he really shines.

5. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

I really enjoy this adaptation of the Douglas Adams novel.  Shame it didn't do better.  It's actually quite good.

4. Land of the Dead

George Romero's fourth entry in his zombie series is essentially a low budget 80's action movie with zombies.  Nice low-key Dennis Hopper performance, good f/x from KNB and the heavy handed stuff is kept to a minimum.

3. Constantine

This one is surprisingly good as Keanu Reeves delivers a different take on the Hellblazer comic.  He's actually quite good in the role (it generally helps when he doesn't have to emote in a part too much) and the film itself is a fun ride.

2. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

 A really nice surprise came with this one as not only did we get a fun, entertaining detective film but it also signaled the happy return of Robert Downey Jr. to the land of gainful, sober employment.  He's great in this and the rest of the film is equally good.

1. The Aristocrats

The list ends as it began, with a documentary.  I'm a huge fan of stand-up comedy and this brilliant look at the ultimate dirty joke is absorbing, fascinating and hysterically funny.  Not for the easily offended, it's about as vulgar a comedy as you could ever hope to find.  It is also damned brilliant.

That does it for the first round of top ten lists.  More to come after I wrap up the My Favorite Era series.

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