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Top 10 Lists: 2004/2006

Two lists in one this time out with one of my favorite years of the last decade... And one lf my least.

Actually, 2004 wasn't all that bad.  It was just very, very uneven.

10. Seed of Chucky

Surprisingly entertaining fifth entry in the Child's Play series with a wicked sense of humor, good gore and a funny Jennifer Tilly performance.

9. I, Robot

This one got a lot of crap when it was released but it's actually pretty damn entertaining.  Will Smith is good and the f/x are top notch.  Give it a shot with an open mind.

8. Club Dread

The second offering from Broken Lizard is essentially a slasher movie that is intentionally funny, though to be honest it works better s a straight-up slasher film.  Funny stuff for the most part with a nice role for Bill Paxton.

7. The Bourne Supremacy

The car chase at the end is great and the rest of the movie is pretty good.  With more coherent editing it would be even better.

6. Saw

The sequels sort of stink but this first chapter in the series is a pretty solid horror movie.  James Wan is a pretty solid director and I generally enjoy seeing Cary Elwes and Tobin Bell.

5. Anchorman

Will Ferrell delivers maybe his best character in the pompous 70's reporter.  Funny as hell with a great comic cast, this is one of the best comedies of the last ten years.

4. Shaun of the Dead

Very good comedy from the Hot Fuzz team though it does sort of drag as it goes from having fun with the zombie film to just becoming a regular zombie film.  Still, good stuff throughout.  Edgar Wright and company would refine the technique in their future collaborations.

3. Hellboy

Damn good, visually spectacular adaptation of the Mike Mignola character.  Ron Perlman is great as always and the f/x, as one would expect are great.  Guillermo del Toro can be a little uneven at times but this is one of his better flicks.

2. Secret Window

Johnny Depp and Stephen King make for a great combo as Depp dominates every scene of this fantastic adaptation of King's novella Secret Window, Secret Garden.

1. Kill Bill Volume 2

Quentin Tarantino finishes off his revenge epic with a more deliberate, pacy film that has a bit more emphasis on dialogue than action.  Fortunately, there is plenty of good stuff here, especially the showdown between Uma Thurman and Daryl Hannah.

Like I said, sort of an uneven year but 2006 might be my favorite year of the last decade.  Let's get to the list...

10. Rocky Balboa

Stallone's most recent comeback kicked off with this nice finale to the franchise that made him a star. 

9. Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby

Another good outing for Will Ferrell.

8. Mission Impossible III

Damn shame Tom Cruise picked this year to go totally nuts as the third film in the series is really, really good.  Good action film that is well-directed with a great Philip Seymour Hoffman performance.

7. Silent Hill

I dig this freaky video game adaptation.  Nice visuals and a reasonably compelling story make for a solid horror flick.

6. Crank

Maybe not as insane as the sequel, but this is still a nutty, out there good time action movie.

5. The Descent

Neil Marshall follows up Dog Soldiers with this solid horror movie a bout a bunch of cave explorers who end up being menaced by underground creatures.  Good stuff.

4. The Prestige

Really, really good drama from Christopher Nolan with a great cast and an fun story.  Give me this over any of the Dark Knight films any day.

3. The Departed

Martin Scorsese finally won a long overdue Oscar for this enjoyable cop thriller with an all-star cast, great dialogue and one of the oddest Jack Nicholson performances you will ever see.

2. Slither

Great throwback to 80's horror films.  I really wish this would have gotten the same push Snakes on a Plane did.  Hell, it's even better than that one!

1. Casino Royale

The best film of the year ended up being the re-energizing of my favorite franchise.  Just about a perfect movie, Casino Royale knocked it so far out of the park it 's not even funny.

2006 was terrific, simply stellar.

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