Thursday, December 19, 2013

Top 10 Lists: 2001

Not a bad year for films but to be honest, not exactly breathtaking apart from one or two notable releases.  Still, there were some worthy titles.

10. The Score

 I'm a sucker for heist pictures and this one is pretty damn good.  More low key than most, its focus is on a quartet of really good performances from Robert DeNiro, Edward Norton, Angela Bassett and in his last complete film role, Marlon Brando.  Frank Oz directs with his usual skill and the film unfolds at a leisurely pace and while the characters and plot developments are rather predictable, the real joy of the film is watching four really good actors do their thing.

9. Evolution

 I admit this one is sort of dumb but I still get a kick out of its goofy as hell charm.  Ivan Reitman directs and the plot is more or less a variation on the Ghostbusters formula only with an utterly entertaining alien invasion.  The humor is lowbrow but it's still quite fun.

8. Spy Kids

 One of the more surprising films of the year, I found this kids flick from Robert Rodriguez to be quite entertaining.

7. Hannibal

 I actually sort of love this one as if you take away the connections to Silence of the Lambs you are left with essentially a very gory Vincent Price movie with Anthony Hopkins in the Price role.  As it stands, it's still an enjoyable enough sequel from Ridley Scott with some great moments and performances.

6. Jurassic Park III

 A marked improvement over the second film, this sequel eschews the big blockbuster aesthetic in favor of a simple B horror movie with a lean running time, the expected awesome dinosaur f/x and some fun moments.  Granted there are some dumb bits but hey, it's a frigging movie about giant dinosaurs eating people!

5. The Tailor of Panama

 A real good thriller based on the John Le Carre novel, this is highlighted by trio of great performances from Geoffrey Rush, Pierce Brosnan and Jamie Lee Curtis.  It's a real fun, fascinating bit of spy intrigue.

4. The Mummy Returns

 One of the rare sequels that is just as good as the original, this one is a fast, fun and generally entertaining bit of fluff from director Stephen Sommers.

3. Ocean's Eleven

 Another fun heist film, this sports an all-star cast and twisty plot that is the prime definition of a simple, entertaining time at the movies.

2. Memento

 A great, twisty thriller from Christopher Nolan with an audacious way of telling the story mixed with a great performance from Guy Pearce.  I haven't always enjoyed Nolan's films but this one is definitely one of his best.

1. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

 Peter Jackson's lead-off to the Lord of the Rings series takes the top spot here with a great cast, f/x and direction making for one of the best epics (the other two only add to it) in recent memory.

2001 was really a case of style over substance (as you can probably tell from the list)  but the stuff that worked worked really well.

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