Tuesday, April 30, 2013

VHS Memories XXXIV: Embassy Home Video

Been a long time since I did one of these but I really wanted to highlight one last VHS distributor.  Embassy was one of my favorites, from the catalog of titles to the logo itself, it just oozed coolness to me.  They released titles from 1981 to 1986 after which they were bought by Nelson Entertainment who kept the releases going for another few years.  Here's a nice cross section of stuff from Embassy, Nelson and sublabel Charter Entertainment which went the way of the dodo after the sale.  There are a few things here I've talked about before and some things I will into in the future, enjoy.

 The classic Mel Brooks comedy was one of their early releases.  Dig the sparse design too, though there are variations I prefer more.  As for the movie, it speaks for itself really, one of the funniest things ever with a hilarious Gene Wilder performance and tons of other great stuff.

 Not a lot to say, I just always dug those highlight reel tapes.  Good stuff.

 Chuck's first real movie, this is a dubbed Hong Kong action flick from the early 70's with Chuck as the main bade guy.  Embassy would also release Breaker!, Breaker! and An Eye for an Eye.

 This is the last film from the late William Girdler, one of the more interesting 70's b-movie directors.  He also made the Jaws rip-off Grizzly.

 John Stamos: Action Hero!  Yeah, not really.  Having the front man for KISS as the main bad guy wasn't a good move either.

 They also put out  a stack of Roger Corman productions, such as these women in prison flicks from The Philippines.

There are some good releases from Corman's New World pictures I've written about before.

 Gotta love this cheesy ghost story/devil movie.  Good stuff.

 One of the last great exploitation films Corman produced...

 And here might be the absolute last great one.

Since the company was big in the 80's, they naturally put out their fair share of slasher flicks.

 A great sleaze classic with an amazingly over the top Wing Hauser performance.

 I saw this at last on Blu-ray (thank god for Shout Factory) and it's a fun, cheesy, surprisingly dark at times little horror flick.  Not exactly good, but still pretty neat.  Awesome cover as well.

To round things off, the titles that I always went for whenever I wanted to go on a rental binge (thanks to Amazon Instant Video, this tendency lives on).

 One of my all-time favorites.

 I actually prefer the more lurid Embassy cover but alas, I can't find it anywhere.  Fantastic film too.

And that's Embassy in a nutshell.  Until next time...

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