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Fangoria 2010-2013: The Dawning of a New Age, and The Future

Fangoria 2010-2013

This is the final installment of the series for now.  2010 saw the end of Tony Timpone's 24 year reign as editor, replaced by Chris Alexander a few months into the year.  The magazine had slowly but surely improved.  I'll take a brief look and then wrap things up.


The first two issues of 2010 were less than promising as they had essentially the same cover only with a different monster.

 Mr. Timpone's last issue was a pretty decent one as it covered the fantastic Survival of the Dead.  A pretty big shakeup came with the next issue as Chris Alexander from the pretty good Rue Morgue magazine took over the editorial reigns.

 This was a good start as the film strip came back...sort of.  This would get even better with issue 300 though...


 Now that is what I'm talking about!  By this point, I was back on the team fully and excited as hell for the new era of Fangoria.  Not only was the film strip back (in the 1982 style no less!) but the old logo made a nice return.  It would make a return again later in the year and stick around.

 One of the things I really like about the new style the magazine has adopted is shorter stories (all the better to cover the glut of films that come out these days); more retrospective stuff (always the magazine's forte) and some amusing sidebar stuff.  For instance, every now and then they'll have a filmmaker go through his or her resume.  Neat.

 We've also gotten a welcome return to painted covers now and then.  There is some quite stunning artwork on display nowadays.

 Hell, they've even done two covers for one issue!


Last year brought essentially more of the same but with a greater focus on quality.

 The magazine has become a pleasing blend of old school and new stuff.  It's not all perfect (the glut of articles can sometimes be trying if there's not much worth seeing) but it's got the enthusiasm to keep the reader happy.

 They're also willing to take chances again, something I always appreciate.


 This year so far has given us three issues, though I can sort of see one or two possible issues.  There isn't a hell of a lot coming out right now and I'm not sure there's much retrospective stuff that hasn't been covered.

 The film strip is also gone again, not sure why.

The latest issue is somewhat disappointing but not horrendously so.  While the genre may stagnate, I feel confident that Fangoria will keep on striving to be as good as humanly possible.  That's what it started out as and was for a very long time.  It may not ever be as it once was, but it can still be damn good.  It's an icon of the genre.

I'll go back to the magazine again at some point, probably the best of the issues I missed or something like that.  Until then, this was a fun, exhausting series to do.


  1. I was thrilled when the smug Timpone left! The mag is much better now.

  2. I found your blog through a Fangoria cover google search. Excellent Fango restrospective! Enjoyed reading it and I even had to go pull out some old issues to relive the good times. I'm a much bigger fan of the 80s issues but there are some notables in the more recent issues. Keep up the good work...great blog!


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