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Fangoria 2005-2009: In order to get up, you have to fall down

Fangoria 2005-2009

This stretch is rather sad as the magazine limped along, trying like hell to do right by the readers with multiple 100 page issues but there is a big difference between quantity and quality.


 2005 was actually a pretty good year for the genre with Rob Zombie actually making an acceptable movie with The Devil's Rejects, George Romero delivering the entertaining Land of the Dead and Peter Jackson giving us his version of King Kong.  These and others were covered with workmanlike precision but something was still missing.


2006 was more of the same with  some good (Slither, The Descent being released stateside); some bad (too much to list) and some over hyped but still fun (Snakes on a Plane).  I was enjoying it though, as the quality of coverage was enough to keep me coming back and the retrospectives as always were solid.

 To give you an idea of how jam-packed the year was, they were unable to put together something special for issue 250 because there were too many January releases.  As much as I can gripe about the drop in quality, it;s pretty clear some exhaustion was bound to set in.


Things got better in terms of coverage (though the genre was overstuffed once again) as coverage of the Tarantino/Rodriguez collaboration Grindhouse was spread over two issues and attempts were made to branch out into other fields of media.  They would fail quite badly.


By 2008, the market had been saturated by bad horror movies and it showed as the magazine was beset by another bout of feeling tired and worn out.  Not really a hell of a lot to say about this year's run except that it was done well enough for me to keep reading.

The highlight for me as far as films go was The Ruins, a pretty decent adaptation of a novel that manages to be surprisingly creepy.


2009 saw quite a few changes for the magazine and nearly caused me to give up on it.

 This is the last appearance of the film strip for a while as with the next issue, we;d get a new logo (which I liked) and a new cover layout (which I was than enthused with).

 The loss of the film strip hurt the change in my book, it could have been revised (as we will see in the conclusion of this series) and just made the magazine look generic.  Which of you take into consideration the level of coverage during this year, is rather fitting.  Fangoria on auto-pilot is not a pretty sight.

 The 30th Anniversary issue is pretty good though.

 The year ended with an okay cover (though the next two issues will more or less mimic it which brings it down a notch) and the first part of a good piece written by Stephen King.  It was an okay way to end the year but the magazine was really flagging, as was my enthusiasm.

Coming Soon: The Dawning of a New Age and The Future

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