Thursday, March 28, 2013

Esoterica III: The Search for Stuff

More random stuff.

 We begin with the book that brought Captain Kirk back from the dead after his less than glorious end in the seventh Star Trek film.  It's actually a pretty damn good read as Shatner is a talented writer who certainly has a good feel for Kirk, as well he should.

 Ah, one of my favorite games for the Super Nintendo and probably the best movie based video game of all time.  It pretty much just sticks to the events in the movie but the gameplay is solid, the graphics are excellent and the challenge is acceptably high.  In other words, not so high you risk losing a television to the fury of your temper and the game controller.

 One of the better Star Trek: TNG novels, this takes the crew of Enterprise D into the mirror universe.  It's a fun, darkly amusing romp.

 This is a decent enough 1981 slasher from Wes Craven that concerns a series of murders in a community of folks so conservative they make the Amish look liberal.  There are some okay murders, Sharon Stone is hot in an early role, we get the always fun Michael Berryman in a small role and there is an oddly out of place ending that was clearly tacked on at the end by producers.  Still, it's worth checking out the edition Shout Factory recently released.

 Another good SNES game, probably the best wrestling game they ever put out.

 It cracks me up that they used to be able to put ads for guns in magazines.  And not just in Guns and Ammo either.  I think this is from the Sears catalog.

 I think I rented this at least five times when I was in high school.  You know, for Michelle Pfeiffer's topless-Uh, mean the story!  Yeah, the story.  Actually, it's not that bad a movie.  John Landis directs and it's rather typical of his output.  A great cast, over the top presentation and rather anemic script (something about the Jeff Goldblum character getting roped into intrigue concerning theft and the Middle East).  Still, it's cheesy 80's fun, if you;re into it.

 Another fun 80's flick, this is sort of a precursor to From Dusk Till Dawn as it concerns a bunch of college kids who go in search of a stripper for a party only to run afoul of a bunch of vampire strippers led by Grace Jones.  It's much better than it sounds.  In fact, it's a rather clever horror comedy that;s well worth a look.

 Amazingly enough, Death Wish 3 scored a video game adaptation.  Apparently, it was pretty gory for its time and you could even off civilians...Which makes me wonder if the guys behind the Grand Theft Auto series ever saw this.

And now, let's end things with some gratuitous T&A.

First off, Kathy Ireland on the 25th Anniversary Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue...

And Scream Queen Linnea Quigley holding a chainsaw.

Well, I did say it was gratuitous!  Until next time...

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