Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More 70's and 80's Esoterica

Some randomness to start the week off.

 This is rather dull political thriller that sees Dolph playing a reporter who gets drawn into the scene of a deadly assassin.  Dolph is over matched in the acting department (I like the guy but he really wasn't ready for serious acting roles at this point), Louis Gossett Jr. is on auto-pilot and there's not nearly enough action to warrant a viewing.

 Yep, most heroes fight crime.  Frank Castle goes the extra mile and flat out destroys it!  I like this cover, it pretty much just tells you exactly what to expect.  Violence.  stark, bloody, over the top violence.

 Ah, the film that ended up being fodder for one of the best MST3K episodes.  Whether you call it by the above title or The Final Sacrifice, it's still one of the most hilariously bad things to ever come out of Canada.  How can you not love an action movie that has the balls to name its hero Zap Rowsdower?

Never thought about Aliens as an advertisement for sneakers but I guess when Michael Jordan is doing spots for the competition...

I get a kick out of old computer ads and this one in particular makes me chuckle.

Because we're starving to death!
I was going to do a bulimia joke there but sometimes good taste has to prevail.

We'll end with one of my favorite compilations of James Bond music.  Most albums just put the title songs on, slap a price tag on it and send it out to collect dust on the shelves.  This one, however, is a collection of instrumental renditions of the theme songs done with cheesy synthesizers.  The James Bond Theme itself is pretty good as are a few others but the Moonraker track nearly burst my eardrums it was so shrill.  I had this on cassette but it still stands as one of the cheesiest things I have ever owned.

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