Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gorgon Video Magazine (1989)


Here's an interesting little oddity courtesy of video label Gorgon Home Video.  Made in 1989 as the label was vanishing (MPI came out of it and is still running today), it's a video magazine that I can only describe as "Fangoria in video form only nowhere as good".  Charles Band did something similar as he began putting brief Video Zone segments on the end of his releases when he began Full Moon Pictures (in 1989 by sheer coincidence) and this follows a similar format...though it covers more than one movie naturally.

Given that this isn't a formal movie, it's rather stupid to do an actual review so here are some general thoughts.
  • Your host is Michael Berryman from The Hills Have Eyes (wearing a less extreme version of his getup from that movie) and the first thing I have to mention is the awesomely cheesy late 80's production values.  Bad synthesizer music, cheesy graphics, you name it and it's there.
  • Michael Berryman is cool as always, doing a good energetic hosting gig, though he does ham it up quite a bit.  I think he's been taking lessons from Robert Englund.  As far as his attire goes: I hope he was paid well and I hope it was warm in the studio.
  • First up is a look at Wes Craven and his new film ShockerShocker is not one of his better movies (though I enjoy its cheesy finale) but Wes is classy as usual.
  • The guys at KNB EFX are up next and as always, they're funny and insightful about the way they talk about their craft.
  • Up next is an interview with the lovely Linnea Quigley.  Linnea has always been cool and here is no different.
  • We now get a retrospective piece on Troma films, the b-movie production company responsible for stuff like The Toxic Avenger as well as a piece on shock rock group GWAR towards the end.  Both pieces are decent (though the GWAR piece sort of drags and has no real point) and not for those with weak stomachs.
  • We also get a slew of reviews for stuff like Cameron's Closet; the truly unsettling Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Peter Jackson's fantastic debut Bad Taste plus several others.  I have to say the guy reviewing them is someone who probably should have been given some tips for appearing on camera from Mr. Berryman.  At least then he might have some semblance of a personality.  Another problem is that the reviews are just a few brief clips of some of the shock moments from each movie followed by Captain Charisma droning on for a few seconds.
  • There are also a few promotional plugs for video labels like Sinister Cinema and some trailers for upcoming movies to finish us off.
Overall, this isn't a bad video but 70 minutes was probably more than it required given how fluffy the pieces are.   If you're into nostalgia it's worth tracking down but otherwise, you can probably give it a pass.  A second volume was made but never officially released.

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