Tuesday, September 4, 2012

VHS Memories XXXIII: Oddities

Here are a few of the more bizarre things/amusing things that just make me chuckle I have come across in searching for cheesy VHS covers, plus a few regular movie reviews.

 I honestly have nothing new to say about this movie, I just find is amusing that one of the most amazingly macho action movies of all time has a VHS release with a purple cover.  Does that make me immature?  Probably, but it's still damned funny to me.

 Ah, one of Vincent Price's best outings: a gloriously fun, cheesy haunted house story from schlock master William Castle that stars Price  as a millionaire offering a ton of cash to anyone who can stay the whole night at a haunted house.  Of course, there's more to the story and I would never dream of spoiling it for anyone who hasn't seen it.  The remake from 1999 with Geoffrey Rush is worth giving a shot as well, bad ending and all.

 This is an entertainingly tasteless 1972 action flick features such delights as Lee Marvin as a mob collector, Gene Hackman as a slimeball named Mary Ann and Gregory Walcott as his brother Weenie who run a slaughterhouse as well as a white slavery ring, Sissy Spacek in an early role and a decent amount of 70's style action.  This is a real forgotten gem.

 As someone who has seen this movie, I can safely say that tagline is more than a little misleading.  Also, the cover art works better the way Vestron originally did it (all black), the white background does it no favors.  Still, hilariously bad movie worth seeing just so you can say you did.

 I think this remake of the 50's alien invasion classic is okay, really the only reasons to watch it are the great Stan Winston f/x and a nicely hammy Louise Fletcher performance.  Apart from that, it's pretty much the same story as the original...Only louder...and directed by Tobe Hooper.  Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is by far the better of Hooper's two 1986 films.

 I know nothing about this movie.  I have never seen this movie.  Hell, I couldn't even find a single bit of information regarding this movie online,.  I do know, however, that this is one of the worst VHS covers I have ever seen.  It looks homemade but other tapes from this particular company actually look okay.

 I have a grudging affection for this lame horror comedy.  It's a truly dumb, kinda dull tribute to those old Universal monster movies but it just never gels and wastes too much time on Michael Richards doing stupid, unfunny shtick.  Still, any movie that has Geena Davis in an outfit that is mostly cleavage can't be entirely terrible.

And now to wrap things up something truly bizarre.  In the late 80's, the VHS boom was in full swing.  As a result, there were several novelty gifts that came out, generally around the holidays.  For some odd reason, a fellow decided that what the dedicated couch potato really needed was a series of short videos that would simulate real life encounters.  You know, because that's so much more entertaining than interacting with real life.

With that in mind, I present you with...this.

Sorry for the larger than normal image but something this baffling really has to be seen clearly.  This may be the most bizarre thing I've ever seen.  A 10 minute simulation of the parenting experience.  I just don;t get it.  It seems like it was done in a less than serious manner from what I've been able to find (the fact that the other tapes in the series are equally strange bears this out) but this is still the kind of thing that is weird even when you know the context.

 Well, that's all for now.  Good night, and good luck.

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