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Fangoria Flashbacks: 1988 Part 2

And now the conclusion...

We continue with issue 76 and the glut of horror films released in the summer continues to dominate the pages of the magazine.  Apart from an interview with Roger Corman regular Richard Devon, the bulk of the articles are devoted to new releases such as Hellraiser II, Fright Night Part 2 (which ended up being pushed back to 1989 along with 976-Evil from a few months previous), early stuff on Phantasm II and the remake of The Blob plus an interview with George Romero.  Best of all is an interview with f/x artist Steve Johnson, one of my favorites.

It makes for a really good issue but the glut of new stuff does sort of get exhausting and repetitious.

This will continue for the next year or two.
Issue 77 is wall to wall new stuff (though still very good) with more on Fright Night 2, Phantasm II, The Blob and Hellraiser II with a nice  big look at the fourth Nightmare on Elm Street film.

Other articles cover b-movie maven Donald Jackson of Hell Comes to Frogtown fame; a look at the crappy flick The Kiss, Elvira's movie which I feel is cheesy fun and a nice interview with Tom Savini.

It's a fantastic, if somewhat plain issue.

Issue 78 is more of the same with stuff on Hellraiser II, Nightmare 4 and some new upcoming films including John Carpenter's They Live and Dead Ringers from David Cronenberg.  Waxwork is also previewed.

We do get a little retro stuff as we get part one of a video guide to the films of Jess Franco.  I always dug this sort of thing as it's a nice way to introduce people to a director's body of work.  The Nightmare 4 stuff also gets a little overdone as we get the first part of an f/x article.  Part 2 is in the next issue and while they're interesting, by this point, Freddy was getting a little old.  I like the films and the fourth one is one I do enjoy but it was getting to be a bit much by this point.

Issue 79 brings us to Halloween, 1988 and what better cover to have than one highlighting the new Halloween film.  The fourth installment brought Michael Myers back into the fold (amazingly enough he survived being blown up in the second one, as did Donald Pleasence) and was...Well, it was sort of crappy but never mind that for now.

The rest of the issue highlights are essentially wrap-ups of the summer films.  You also get the conclusion of the Jess Franco guide, looks at The Lair of the White Worm, more on Dead Ringers (Cronenberg has a two part interview over two issues and is great as usual), a chat with Anthony Perkins about his latest movie, one with Chris Sarandon and a look at the crappy Dean Koontz adaptation Watchers.

We close things out with a look at independent New York distributor Aquarius Films and a very good issue comes to an end.

1988 closes out with issue 80 and it serves a final wrap on the year as well as a preview for the slightly less jam-packed but still quite full 1989.

We get a nice tribute to the departed Duane Jones from Night of the Living Dead;  an interview with Donald Pleasence, looks at Friday the !3th: The Series, I, Madman, Warlock, The Fly II, a last look at Pumpkinhead, plus a few other tidbits.

1988 was a solid year for horror with a ton of sequels and while it wasn't quite as good as 1987, it's still a very good batch of movies and a decent one for Fangoria.

Coming Soon: 1989

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  1. Wow I can't believe the pic they used for the cover of #77. I can imagine what fans were thinking when they saw that considering how nonsensical it looks without knowing the context. And even knowing the context doesn't make it look any less silly! Probably would be among my top 10 worst Fango covers ;)


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