Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Adventures of Hercules (1985)

Every now and then you come to the end of a movie and just have to wonder "What the hell did I just watch?"  The sequel to Hercules is incredible in that as insane and confusing as the first one was, this one comes off like a fever dream some guy had while accidentally mixing cold medications.  I have to be honest and admit this review is a struggle since I have no idea how to write about this thing*.

*In other words, sorry this isn't my best written piece.  This movie breaks my brain.

The plot, and man is it ever a stretch to call it that, involves Hercules having to put down a coup against Zeus by some of the other gods.  His foe from the first movie, King Minos gets resurrected in all of this and that's about as much actual story as we get.

The rest of the film is just complete and total insanity as Hercules fights to stop the renegade gods who have stolen Zeus' seven thunderbolts.  He goes about this in the way you would expect Hercules to do things, by yelling and punching things a lot while throwing boulders every now and then.

There honestly isn't a lot to say about this film as most of it is so out there that it defies comprehension.  Herc fights monsters, confronts Minos and wins and the most logical thing I can say is that it all looks great thanks to the solid direction of Luigi Cozzi.

I would be remiss in mentioning the bizarre finale which sees Minos and Hercules squaring off against one another in space.  At one point, Minos changes himself into a line drawing of a dinosaur and to counter, Herc turns onto a giant gorilla.  Yes, the climax of this movie is a line drawing recreation of the King Kong/T-Rex fight from the 1933 classic.

The second Hercules movie is an entertaining, baffling mess that delivers the action and a heavy dose of insanity.  If you're up for it and have low expectations, give it a shot. Be warned, you have to train to watch something like this.  I recommend popping in a David Lynch film or two first.

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