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Fangoria Flashbacks: 1987

And Fangoria flashbacks returns!  It's been a while but I think there won't be as much of a delay from now on...but don't quote me on that.  There will be a bit of a format change as I think I would prefer to focus on maybe a few specific issues for the year with some general notes about the others and horror in general thrown in.

Let's get to 1987, one of the best years for horror movies and an interesting one for the magazine.

1986 gets off to a decent start with issue #60.  Most of the issue is an impromptu tribute to The Exorcist with coverage of some late 1986 releases such as Little Shop of Horrors, the Wes Craven stinker Deadly Friend and more on From Beyond thrown in.

Issue 61 has a little 1986 wrap-up content but it also kicks off a nice pair of interviews that look at the old days of horror with former Hammer Horror boss Michael Carreras and Sam Arkoff of A.I.P.  As tends to be the case, both interviews are fantastic.  Two other highlights are interviews with Fango regular Dick Miller and Jeffrey Combs.
Here's where the fun begins as #62 is one of my favorite issues of the entire run. Here is where the magazine really puts itself into overdrive as in the editorial section, we learn that there will be a new editor starting next issue.  In the relative brief span of 68 pages we get not one, but two big Friday the 13th tributes including a look at all the gore cut out of the sixth movie.  And if you've ever seen that one, you know it's the slasher equivalent of a dry county.

We also get looks at Evil Dead II and the third Nightmare on Elm Street film.  And that's just four articles!  Even the Dr. Cyclops column is fully loaded with the U.S. cut of The Beyond, Howling II (my favorite bad movie of all time) plus a few other good flicks.

In addition to a few other articles including the conclusion to the Sam Arkoff interview, we get a quick Vincent Price interview.  This is one hell of an issue.

While the content of issue #63 is the usual fantastic stuff, the real thing to talk about with this one is the promotion of Anthony Timpone to editor starting with this issue.  Timpone started with the magazine in 1985 and his tenure as editor will last until early 2010.

As for the magazine itself, in addition to the continuing coverage of Evil Dead II and Nightmare 3, we get a good interview with Italian b-movie star David Warbeck; a preview of the fantastic Angel Heart (which I will get to at some point), a piece on The Haunting of Hamilton High (better known as Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II), an article on the quite terrible My Demon Lover and the conclusion of the Hammer horror interview from two issues ago in addition to a few other pieces.

Another solid issue as the magazine enters, for me at least, its heyday.
1987 continues with more retrospective articles and continuing coverage.  There is also a little more variety as we get interviews with authors John Skipp and Craig Spector as well as one with comics artist Bernie Wrightson.

There are also previews of Creepshow 2 and House II as well as one last piece on From Beyond as Mark Shostrom and others talk about their excellent work. 
We jump ahead to issue #68, (sadly missing out on coverage of Predator, Hellraiser and The Lost Boys) but happily we get another great issue.

Retrospectives articles on Creature From the Black Lagoon and the career of Albert Band (father of Charles Band), part one of a look at the guys who played Jason Voorhees, a look at the entertaining action/horror flick The Hidden, the first in a long line of articles tracking Pumpkinhead (we'll be talking about this well into 1988), the conclusion of an interview with Larry Cohen (that's the thing that sucks about not having all the issues, you sometimes get the end of something cool), a great interview with Rick Baker and an unintentionally hilarious preview of the crappy thriller The Unholy which, in spite of there being a demon who disembowels priests...sports a director who doesn't feel it's a horror movie.  The mind boggles.

We end with #69 and it really sends the year out on a high note.  Highlights are an interview with British filmmaker Norman J. Warren, an interview with John Carpenter about Prince of Darkness, more on the Jason Voorhees performers, a look at Brain Damage-Frank Henenlotter's latest film, Stan Winston talks Pumpkinhead and my favorite, a nice interview with Scream Queen Linnea Quigley.

The Running Man is also previewed which brings us to the end.

1987 was a fantastic  year for the genre with some fantastic movies.

Stay tuned for 1988.

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