Friday, August 10, 2012

Joe Bob Briggs-Dead in Concert (1985)

I'm a pretty big fan of comedy, cheesy movies and the 80's... as you might have noticed given all the other stuff on my website...and as a result, I am also a huge fan of Joe Bob Briggs.  In college I loved tuning in to  Monstervision on TNT, just something about having a cheeseball horror film introduced by a cowboy makes it seem more entertaining, I guess.

Joe Bob's actual name is John Bloom and he started using the character as a way to get reviews of drive-in movies into the Dallas newspaper he worked for.  The character proved to be controversial (Bloom has a distinctly unrefined and politically incorrect sense of humor) and while he gained tons of fans he also ended up getting fired after mocking the "We Are the World" song (sort of, his column just changed over to another company) in 1985.

This led to him doing a standup tour that started in Cleveland and our video today is from that tour.  The set itself is okay as Joe Bob, while he is charismatic and funny now isn't quite ready for prime time here.  The material is fairly standard: jokes about his childhood, Texas, race relations, relationships with some songs sprinkled in here and there, nothing really innovative but then again it doesn't really set out to be.  The success of the tour led to a job at The Movie Channel and later Monstervision on TNT.  TNT cancelled the show in 2000 and to be frank, cable television has been a little more boring ever since.

The video is a fairly dull show that is an adequate hour of mild comedy.  He's not real proud of this video as it was a very, very early appearance in front of an audience for him.  Happily, Bloom would refine his character to where he actually worked on camera.  It's not an essential thing to see if you like the guy...actually it's the sort of thing your kid brother would talk you into renting on a hot summer afternoon with the parents away for the weekend.  And right afterwards you'd end up chasing him around the house with a Wiffle Bat, yelling at him for wasting your time.

Joe Bob himself put it best: "Yes, it does exist".

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