Sunday, July 15, 2012

VHS Memories XXXI: 50 Movie Pack Frenzy 3

Let's return to the realm of the public domain movie, folks.  Strap in, it's gonna be a stinky ride!

In the 70's, one of the big pop culture trends was cryptozoology and bizarre science in general.  Stuff like the Loch Ness Monster, UFOs and our subject here, Bigfoot.  The film is ostensibly a documentary about the beast but it really seems to be more about professional tracker Ivan Marx telling his life story as well as his general opinions on nature over tons of nature stock footage as well as Marx doing his regular job.  It's not really much of a documentary or a movie in general.  The pace is slack and the Bigfoot footage is so obviously fake it's a wonder anyone might have been fooled.  Not worth the effort.

Now for two films from Giant Spider Invasion director Bill Rebane.  Rebane made a bunch of movies in Wisconsin till around the 80's.  In general, they were bizarre, bad and cheesy.

Demons of Ludlow is a dull little tale of a small town celebrating it's bicentennial when a long-dead warlock returns to take revenge on the citizens. Said warlock was killed by the town's ancestors and his soul has been at rest in a piano...Yeah.   He gets loose and unleashes some low budget demons upon and town and low budget mayhem ensues.  The acting is bad, the f/x and pacing are practically nonexistent and story is limp.  Not one of Rebane's better movies, which is a very bad thing.

 A little better is this bizarre bit of nonsense about three millionaires who recruit random people to play some sort of mind game based on their greatest fears with a prize of one million dollars to the winner.  Characterization is sparse, the story is confusing but the film is just bizarre enough to be watchable.

This is an endearingly cheap, sleazy number with John Carradine as a wealthy man who dies and says that the one member of his detestable family who can spend the week in his creepy mansion will inherit his estate.  This hoary old tale gets a 70's dose of sleaze and cheese as our cast of truly despicable characters bicker, make out and get killed in various horrible ways.  It's not a good movie by any stretch but you can watch it once and not be too upset with yourself.

I think that about does it for now.  Until next time...

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