Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thunder Run (1986)

Ah, nothing like a good piece of cheese from Cannon Pictures.  Thunder Run is a 1986 action film starring Forrest Tucker in one of his last rolesForrest plays Charlie Morrison, a grizzled Korean War vet who runs a cobalt mine with his grandson (John Shepard of Friday the 13th Part 7) in the desert.  He'd hired by an old friend to transport some plutonium from Nevada to Arizona and from there is turns into sort of a Road Warrior knock-off, minus the futuristic setting as some terrorists led by Alan Rachins of L.A. Law and Dharma and Greg try to get it from him only to be thwarted by his heavily armed high tech truck.

At least that's what the film should be all about but sadly it takes forever to get to that part as we get a ton of life in the small desert town the characters live in: road races, wooing potential investors in the mine, a bar fight, it just gets to the point where you wonder if the second half was written first along with the setup and the rest of the movie was just thrown in randomly.

There's about twenty minutes of filler on the front end of the film but at around the midway point things finally start picking up.  Forrest Tucker makes for a charming action hero and Shepard isn't too bad either.  The fun really starts with an A-Team montage done to some decidedly less than bad ass music as Charlie, his grandson and some of his friends put together the truck.

The action is great cheesy fun with explosions, the truck (called Thunder, naturally) turning out to be more gadget laden than the average car in a Bond film, the bad guys in hilariously tricked out VW Bugs (even with the camo paint job and missile rigs they look silly), the truck jumping a train, it's just a great assortment of stunts on display here which helps the movie greatly.

About the only thing I can gripe about is the villains are rather bland and dull with little to no characterization.   The end twist is also a little predictable but it still pays off well enough.

Overall, Thunder Run is a fun, entertaining little movie that deserves to be remembered.


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! Will have to check this out.

  2. Actually saw this in the theatre in Ardmore, OK the weekend after Memorial Day in 1986. Lots of fun despite the flaws. Space age plastic, Son!


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