Thursday, May 10, 2012

VHS Memories XXVII: More Cannon and assorted goodies

Exactly what it sounds like...

Maybe Jean-Claude's best film, this is also one of the best martial arts films of the 80's.  Based on the life of Frank Dux, this benefits from some fantastic fight scenes and a great performance from Bolo Yeung as the main bad guy.  Basically the best Rocky sequel never made.

This is a decent enough actioner with Rutger Hauer as a blind Vietnam vet who has to fight to get his friend out of trouble.  Hauer is good as usual and the premise is neat.  Just keep your expectations low and you'll have a good time.

I have a grudging affection for this Frank Henenlotter film.  It's not quite as out there and wild as his Basket Case movies but it's an entertaining enough tale about a young man who gets taken over by an ugly little parasite that injects him with a highly addictive fluid.

The last Hammer film until recently, this is a rather lame attempt to cash in the success of The Exorcist with Christopher Lee as an evil priest trying to complete a satanic ritual that involves a mutant frog-baby and Klaus Kinski's daughter.  Lee is pretty much the only good reason to watch the movie.

As I said when I did my Charles Bronson article, this is one of the more unpleasant movies I've ever seen.  Bronson is back as vigilante Paul Kersey and this time his daughter is killed along with the maid, sparking his roaring rampage of revenge.  In all fairness, once you get past the first fifteen minutes or so (after the maid and daughter are dead), the movie is pretty decent but man is that first fifteen a rough road!

Not much more to say about the film that hasn't already been said elsewhere, I just love those old MGM big boxes from the 80's.

The third American Ninja movie is a rather weak sequel with David Bradley replacing Michael Dudikoff.  The action is merely okay but thankfully, Steve James is back to give his usual boisterous performance.  He basically saves the whole damned movie.  Check it out for him and him alone.

This is a neat little documentary from 1984 that serves as a sort of general primer on the horror genre.  Hosted by Donald Pleasence and Nancy Allen, it's pretty repetitious fr anyone familiar with the genre but also, thanks to the clips shown, a blast for the same reasons.  Thankfully, it can be found on the Halloween II Blu Ray.

 I already wrote about the movie but I just wanted to show this cheesy VHS cover.

And to wrap things up, here is the Warner Brothers clamshell case for the 1980 sleaze/cheese classic Humanoids From the Deep.  From Roger Corman's New World Pictures, it tells the tale of what happens when horny fish monsters encounter humans.  Blood, boobs and beasts indeed!  I also love the clamshell cases Warner Brothers used to use,.  They were durable, cool looking and...Well, durable.

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