Saturday, May 5, 2012

VHS Memories XXVI: Random 80's Grab Bag

First off, sorry fore the lack of posts recently, things have been a little busy on my end of things.  To make up for it, here's a jumbo-sized batch of random 80's crap.

 We'll begin with this amusing 1986 slasher/comedy that takes the standard slasher movie plot and proceeds to do what very few similar movies bothered to do.  It actually has fun with the concept, giving us some amusing gore effects as well as a fun twist ending.  Pretty good stuff.

 Less enjoyable is this weak horror comedy that benefits only from a very good cast.  A pair of goofy reporters who work for a tabloid go to Transylvania in search of the truth behind Frankenstein's monster and end up encountering...Well, it's pretty much every old cliche from the old Universal monster movies only nowhere near as entertaining.  Still, any time you can get Geena Davis in an outfit with cleavage that goes down to her navel...Sure it doesn't make the movie itself any better but...You know, let's move on!

 I freely admit to being a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very casual fan of pro wrestling.  It's silly, stupid, ridiculous and when done well, damned entertaining.  On the flip side, when a movie about the sport is done as poorly as this Hulk Hogan cheese-fest, the results are equally hilarious.  Bad acting, seriously out of whack humor and some really sappy moments make this a must-see for fans of bad movies.

We take a little detour from stuff I've seen to a few films I remember always seeing the boxes for at the video store but never renting: The Thunder Warrior films.  Cheesy Italian knock-offs of First Blood, they replaced Stallone with a Native American  and...Well, that's about all they changed as far as I can tell, really.

 I have to say that even with the Lord of the Rings films and Dead/Alive, this might be my favorite Peter Jackson movie.  It's crude, gory as hell, quite funny in parts and also a complete blast.  Not many people can say their directorial debut is this good.

 Here's another one I really dig.  Dennis Quaid stars in a neat little movie about entering dreams to influence (and sometimes kill) people and I have to say it;s the perfect thing to watch with the first Nightmare on Elm Street.  Just a really good movie.

 Along with the original Dawn of the Dead, this may be my favorite overall horror film of all time.  Chris Sarandon is fantastic as the vampire and the Richard Edlund f/x are incredible.  The highlight is the fantastic finale which goes about twenty minutes and is maybe the finest ending sequence of any vampire movie.

 We move away from horror and return to my infatuation with comedy videos.  This is a fine example of Robin Williams at his peak (at least before he sobered up) as he goes for about 90 minutes non-stop as only he can.  Some of the biggest sustained laughs I have ever had came from this video.  It really needs to get some sort of DVD release as do his other early HBO specials.

To wrap things up, here's an old Media Home Video ad from when they first started and were actually known as Meda.


  1. Nice write-ups!

    Fright Night was a solid horror movie. Always wanted to see the silly No Holds Barred. Hulk Hogan is always unintentionally hilarious!


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