Thursday, May 10, 2012

70's and 80's Esoterica

Comic books!  Regular books!  Miscellaneous stuff!

Let's take a look.

 First off, it's the first issue of the KISS Comic book.  Yes, famed metal group KISS, at the height of their popularity in the late seventies, had a comic book pout out by Marvel that made them into superheroes.  I've read it and...Well, it's either awesome in the worst way imaginable or terrible in the most awesome way imaginable.  I'm not sure, really.

Speaking of the Decade of Malaise, here is the set of paperbacks of the Lord of the Rings trilogy put out by Ballantine.  I love cheesy, bizarre artwork like this and if there's anything good that came out of the seventies it was stuff like this*.

*Not counting movies, the 1972 Lakers or the third season of Saturday Night Live.

 More Rings influence came in the form of the occasional Marvel Comics venture into Weirdworld.  A standard fantasy story, this ran sporadically for a brief time in the late 70's and early 80's.  Here are a few covers. 

Moving on from fantasy, let's get into some horror.

 Stephen King's 1981 treatise on horror is one of the best examinations of the genre I have ever read.  King is funny, interesting and well spoken and I'd really love to see a follow-up to this.

 Of all the covers for all the King novels I have seen, this has to be my favorite.  Creepy as hell and the sort of thing that sears itself into your memory.  Oh, and the book is good too.

And to wrap things up, here are a few vintage computer ads with Captain Kirk himself...

And to really finish things off, here is one of the oddest team-ups in comic book history. 
Oddly enough, the wacky thing is actually not that bad.

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