Wednesday, April 4, 2012

VHS Memories XXV: 007 and Home Video

James Bond first hit VHS thanks to the fine folks at CBS Fox who had distribution rights to films from 20th Century Fox (naturally), MGM and United Artists in the early days of VHS.  Generally the covers were reproductions of the poster art but every now and then they went for something a little different.  Let's take a look.

I love the old CBS/FOX covers and this is one of my favorites.  The art looks really cool and it's just an overall fantastic cover.

When the films weren't going with the original artwork, they sometimes went with scenes from the movie as can be seen here and below.

This is the last one to have something a little different as from here on out, the covers are simply versions of the poster art.  After this run, MGM began releasing tapes with some interesting cover art variations.

 Great stuff.

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